Then I Found This…

And then I found this:

I attended a Women’s event at my church recently with my friend Jan. I had such a nice time being with girls! I really enjoyed the talk that Wendy gave. It was on what is important when everything is important. It is so funny how in the blink of an eye, the things that are important in your life change. I found her speech very encouraging and uplifting and when I realized I knew one of her children and what a delight he was…I knew that she truly knew what she was talking about.”

Tara Salley Update August 19, 2009

I don’t even know what to say. I remember being asked to speak at this event at my church. It was to be the first Girls Night Out and they wanted me to talk. I said sure and thought “I’m certain I can come up with something to say to the 15 to 20 women who will be there.” Then I arrived and there were 200 women …. seriously there were 200 women! I wanted to ask “Do you people not have a life? It’s a Thursday night in July and you have nothing better to do? You know me, why would you want to hear me speak?” I got through it just fine because y’all, I like to talk and can pretty much talk about anything especially my love for Jesus! Of course later as I left I was thinking that it was a complete wreck! Did I touch on everything I wanted to? Did I talk too fast? Was there food in my teeth? Did I speak clearly? Was it enough of a funny/informative balance? And the worst, did it even make sense?

Then four years later I find this in old emails I got caught up in (don’t judge, you know it’s happened to you before) and you realize “I did nothing, God did everything.”  That is the truth- then, now, forever. How funny we are when we think we actually do something for God. HA! It’s finding nuggets like this that remind me I am but a speck of dust (I like to think a speck of dust that communicates well, but a speck of dust no less!!) Why do we even try to do things ourselves when God is sitting there waiting…. simply waiting for us to remember not only does He have this, but it’s going to be REALLY good if we just get out of the way.

Tara, thank you for writing this and hearing not what I had to say but what God wanted you to hear. And my sweet friend Carol Spires, thanks for passing this on.


Possibly the Best Gift Ever


Its Super Bowl weekend and I don’t know about you but I’m pumped. Oh yeah, I love the commercials and the mandatory food that goes along with the game but there is one thing about this year’s game that has me super excited. No, I’m not a diehard Broncos or Seahawks fan… but I am a HUGE Peyton Manning fan. (I’ve forgiven him for the whole Tennessee Volunteer thing, so let’s no go there.)

For years now my husband has known one thing for sure about me, the only way I’d ever leave him is if Peyton knocked on my door. Yep, I realize I am married to the most amazing man in the world and let’s be honest, the chances of Peyton knocking on my door is non-existent but a girl can still dream. It’s funny because I have loved Peyton since even before I first saw him on Saturday Night Live in 2007 but people, that show solidified the love. Oh it’s one thing to be an amazing athlete with dashing good looks but when you add funny to the mix… I’m sold!!

It’s even to the point that my boys know, and are ok with, my love for someone other than their dad (yeah, they’re bright guys… they know the odds are ever in their dad’s favor!) My boys know me so well that one of my favorite Christmas gifts… heck favorite gifts period, is one they gave me for Christmas in 2010, a Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts jersey. I KNOW!!! I couldn’t even…I love it still! Naturally they bought it before Peyton got hurt and by the time Christmas rolled around he was out. Unfortunately he never played for Indianapolis again but thank goodness he was not done… he’s back and better than ever. They asked if I wanted a new Peyton Broncos jersey but I’m afraid it would cause him to get hurt again… cause I have that power and I have vowed to use my powers for good not evil!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the Super Bowl and that your team wins… as long as your team is the Denver Broncos. OMAHA! OMAHA!

What A Difference A Day Makes


What a difference a day makes… Monday they claimed the storm of the century was on its way and would hit Augusta hard early Tuesday. Well it didn’t…. hit early that is! It finally got to Augusta close to 10:00pm. Now the other side of the state is a whole nother story but we’ll not get into that! (reason #4,269 why I’m glad we live here.)

Snow always brings back fond memories of when the boys were little and at the slightest mention of flurries, they began to pray for a snow day. Even if there wasn’t enough snow to play in for more than ten minutes they longed for just enough snow to close school. We’d get up bright and early (please explain to me WHY they could get up at the crack of dawn on days they DIDN’T have school??) and dig out all of the jackets, hats, gloves and boots we could find, then begin to layer the kids up until they could hardly move. (How many of you just flashed back to the scene in The Christmas Story where the little brother is so bundled up that he can barely walk much less play?) Naturally they would head out to play with guns a blazing and gradually shed the layers as they warmed up. When they came back in Tim and I would then have to head back out with them for project winter clothes retrieval. (which by the way was rarely successful…)

This year there are no boys at home to play in the snow. So poor Tim is out wandering the neighborhood in the snow… all by himself… looking for adventure. If he’s gone for more than a couple of hours I guess I’ll go check on him. Well, maybe I’ll only give him an hour before I head out… it is pretty cold out there. And he better still have all his winter clothes on!!

Winter Storms and Funyuns

Matt Snowman

So there is a winter storm warning for Augusta starting tomorrow at 11:00am and ending Wednesday at 1:00pm. They’re saying that there is a chance that we will get one to three inches of snow… of course there is also a chance that I will be named Queen of the World and these chances are about the same. Am I the only person who has noticed that when a winter storm is predicted in this area you can be assured of one thing- no winter storm! Oh we’ve had winter storms here but they never come when predicted. Nope, they prefer to sneak up and catch everyone unaware kind of like appendicitis.

For those of you not in the south, I should clue you in to the fact that when a winter storm warning is issued you can be guaranteed of one thing- bread and milk will be sold out in every store within a twenty mile radius. I mean, if there is no power, southerners immediately make plans to fix and eat the age old Milk and Bread casserole…not really but it might be true because I can think of no other reason people would feel the need to run out and by these items. I get it that you can keep your milk cold in a snow storm and you can eat bread in a snow storm but does anyone really plan to consume that much of either one?!?! And why is there no run on the really good stuff you can eat without power when it’s cold like ice cream, chocolate, Funyuns (yeah, I said Funyuns!), chex mix, salami, redi whip, cheese, s’mores… right?? Why eat milk or bread when you can have this stuff?? So, if the storm does hit, y’all get out your snow boots and come on over… cause you can help me eat all of the good stuff I’ve stock piled for just such an occasion.

Snow Globes and Such


One thing I know for sure- we all have struggles and times when it is not fun to be us. A while back, My Ansley (who has a one and three year old) was talking about how tough life felt and how exhausting it seemed. For some reason all I could think about was a snow globe. When you see them sitting on the shelf they look kind of blah. Sure they may have a pretty castle or scene in them but what’s so special about that? Now, turn a couple of four year olds loose and you see what all the fuss is about. Those wee beasties will pick up and shake each and every one of those snow globes over and over and over. Afterward, when you look at them you see a thing of rare and exquisite beauty. It mesmerizes you and you can hardly look away because just a few hundred pieces of glitter have made the ordinary look extraordinary. Life is like that sometimes, we look back and see that when it was all shaken up is when it was the absolute best.

Am I saying we should live in turmoil? NO! I’m simply saying that the times in our lives when the kids are little, the house is small, and the paycheck is just barely enough, tend to be some of the sweetest times I can remember. A Friday evening was spent watching the kids play in the yard, Saturday mornings brought the sport of the season (football/basketball/soccer/baseball) and all the fun that comes from watching kids run around with no idea what they are doing! Sunday mornings were for church and nothing is sweeter that hearing a five year old retelling Jonah and the whale. Sure there are meals to cook, laundry to wash and a bigger mess to clean. But friends those years last less than a fourth of your life! There will come a day when your house is painfully quiet and your refrigerator is sadly full. When you will look back at the photos of the chaos years and realize, yep, these were the best days.

What I’m simply trying to say people, is that life is a beautiful thing if you will only try to view the chaos as shiny pieces of sliver glitter swirling all around! After all, I promise you that you will laugh about it …. one day.

Monkeys and Muskrats

What is this world coming to? First Justin Bieber gets arrested for DWI and drag racing then I find out that Captain and Tennille are divorcing after forty years of marriage. You mean that love will not keep them together?!?!

Now anyone surprised by the first news needs to wake-up! If you know who Justin Bieber is you saw this coming miles away. Seriously, once the whole monkey thing happened in Germany I knew an arrest for something was imminent. This guy has been spiraling out of control for far too long and it seems no one in his life cares enough about him to do anything. Enough said about him, I pray he gets his act together before irreparable damage is done.

Now hearing about Captain and Tennille divorcing… WHAT?!?! I grew up LOVING the Captain and Tennille. Way back when I was in grade school, I remember going to get my hair cut just like Tennille’s (stop it, I swear it was in style at one time…) Who wasn’t in love with the quirky couple who sang things like “Muskrat Love”, “Do That To Me One More Time” and “Butterscotch Castle”? Looking back most of their songs could be appropriately placed under “things that make you go hmmmmm.” Now I fully realize that it was a different time and place but I really do have a hard time imagining there ever being a time when loving like muskrats seemed like a good idea. Why not naked mole rats? Or honey badgers? Nope, the Captain obviously overcome by his love for her, must have looked at Tennille one day and said, “I love you like one muskrat loves another!” and she obviously was impressed. Obviously!

Unfortunately, as we are finding out, even when its Muskrat Suzie and Muskrat Sam muskrat love must not last, he must have done that to her one too many times and love will not keep them together. It’s sad but true people, all good things must come to an end even the 1970’s love stories and bell bottom jeans. The next thing you know someone will say Sonny and Cher didn’t last…

Just Between You and Me

The national news is a curious thing. I just learned that today from Jacksonville FL to Atlanta GA it is going to be colder than Alaska. Yep, the deep south is colder than the northern-most state in the union… so Al Gore, tell me more about this Global Warming thing you shared right after you told us about inventing the internet?

We all say things that we later wish we could take back. Often, I find myself feeling sorry for people in the public eye because they make one stupid comment and it haunts them until they die. I mean they think they are talking “off the record” (just between you and me, there is no “off the record”… there is also no “just between you and me”.) I watch the news, I know the government and the entire population of South Dakota read my every text, email and tweet. Secretly it makes me feel like a serious author to have that many consistent readers. But who in their right mind thinks anything can be kept private in this multimedia day and age. You can’t even text your best friend and expect it to remain private (you hearing me Justin Bieber?)

I feel sorry for the youth of today. When I was a teen I could mess up and not have it documented on fourteen different social media sites… not that I ever messed up. Nope, never ever messed up and if anyone says I did, well I have stories on them too! So now whenever anyone says to me after imparting some earth shattering news “but don’t tell a soul!” I feel the need to look them in the eye and with all seriousness say, “But it’s okay that I just posted this on Facebook/Twitter/my blog… right?!?!”

50 Shades of Grey… and Then Some!


I’m looking for a grey paint color for my walls… and y’all there are WAY more than 50 shades of grey! Now, I am not one of those people who instantly see what colors go together in a room. Oh, I have several nieces who are just gifted in that way and wow can they put a room together! (Hint, hint) But what I am good at is seeing something I like and then being able to copy it. So I saw a photo showing a gorgeous den in a magazine with this really beautiful shade of grey on the walls and thought “YES! This is the color for me!” Easy enough right?!?!

I confidently walked into the paint store to quickly pick up a gallon of said grey paint and be on my way. I just knew I’d be in and out in minutes with the rest of the day to get my entire room painted. Yeah, that didn’t happen! I walked over to the paint chips to get the exact grey that I desired and ummmm…. well… there were more shades of grey than I could imagine! Blue grey, purple grey, green grey, aqua grey, pink grey, yellow grey, tan grey….. IMPOSSIBLE!! My confidence level went from 20 to 1 in less than a second. I grabbed a few paint chips but knew in my heart that none of them were my grey.

You know what I really like when decorating? Someone else to make all the decisions! Yes, I’m that girl… if offered a blind home makeover with no input from me, I would totally jump at the chance!! I think that is why I’ve never had the desire to build a house. TOO MANY DECISIONS! Now don’t get me wrong, I can make a decision but I like to choose from three maybe four things. Those are easy for me but when there are HUNDREDS of choices?!?! Yeah, I just walk away… which means that my walls? Yes, they are still white and it’s not looking good for them to change anytime soon…

Like Father Like Son


Today is a school holiday for my hubby. It means he’s home for the entire day with nothing he has to do. Now that does not mean he won’t parade around the kitchen (like he is doing right now) looking for something to do. He’ll wander into the boys’ rooms trying to see if there is anything that needs attention. Then he’ll go upstairs to check out the bonus room to make sure it’s all in order. The entire time he is doing this I will be sitting at my desk thinking “should I get up and go see if he wants me to help him with something?” (Nah!!) Lastly he will walk back into the den before saying, “I think I’ll head outside to piddle.”

Oh how I love this man!! I love the fact that doing nothing is not even in his make-up. I can walk into a room and see nothing that needs doing but Tim, he walks into the same room and sees twenty things that could be better. Whether it is tightening a screw in a table or repainting a chalk board wall to freshen it up, he sees it all!

Of course there was not much of a chance he would turn out any different because his dad was the same way. I remember Papa always piddling in the outside shop or in the study or even upstairs in the attic. He was always doing something. When the boys were little we spent many an afternoon at my in-laws with the boys playing in the yard while the Ruth and I happily sat around watching… but not Papa. He would get up and toss a ball with the boys or go pull out a riding toy for them to play on. Just like Tim he had to be doing something.

So I think I’ll put my computer up now and head outside to piddle with my hubby. Who knows, I might actually learn a new skill like suburban squirrel hunting or winter lawn mower maintenance or even how to take apart and reassemble a leaf blower. Oh the possibilities!!

Finally Friday


Before we get started, lets take a moment to appreciate how handsome Harry Connick Jr is… almost as handsome as my husband. (You see how I did that?!?! Watch and learn people, watch and learn!)

Some days you just have nothing to say. I sat down to write this morning and cannot even get one solid thought to come… well other than the things that I may or may not need to do. Like, did I put the clothes from the washing machine into the dryer? Where did I put Tim’s jacket? Have I taken the boys tuxedos to the cleaners? Do I have enough time today to paint the rest of the wainscoting? Better yet, do I have time to watch the episode of American Idol I missed? You know, just the normal day to day stuff.

And speaking of American Idol, I have to say Harry Connick Jr has ALWAYS been one of my favorite people. He can sing, he can act but most of all he is smart and witty without being mean. (plus he is not bad to look at… not bad at all.) I remember a few seasons back when he was a mentor on the show and I thought gosh I wish he was a judge cause I’d like to hear/see him every week. Well people, dreams… they really do come true!!

So to recap, I don’t have much to say today other than I’m excited Harry is a judge on Idol and I just realized that Monday is a holiday… my life just keeps getting better and better. Yes, it is good to be me… happy weekend friends!