1989 Called and Wants Its Wallpaper Back

Wallpaper Hell

This wallpaper is older than my children, my marriage and the World Wide Web. I’ve wanted to remove it since the day we moved into the house in 2005 but with cathedral ceilings in this bathroom (who does that??? In a bathroom???) it was always too daunting. Until now…

I can’t decide if I’ve finally gotten the courage or am afraid it is now or never. Either way it has proved to be every bit as difficult as I thought. You see not only is it hideous outdated ugly old wallpaper but it is also VINYL. (Dear wallpaper manufacturers in the 1980’s, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???) Oh yeah, did I mention that it also was glued directly to the drywall… cardboard drywall. Yep, you are thinking to yourself right now, man I wish I were Wendy and got to go through the 14 levels of hell she did while removing this wallpaper… yes, it is good to be me! So once I get the twenty-three layers of wallpaper off the wall, I then have to Kilz the walls because by that point the walls are basically the equivalent of cardboard boxes. It’s a pretty picture aint it? Oh and just for your reference, when using Kilz in a small enclosed toilet room, it does in fact make you light headed, extremely dizzy and nauseous with a headache equal to… say a jack hammer directly on you skull. So when they say “well ventilated area” they are not teasing… turn the fan on. You’re welcome.

Cardboard Walls Back There  Naked Walls

So here I am two weeks into this process and I am maybe one-fourth of the way done. (Yes, you should pray for Tim because when he gets home from a long hard day herding cats… I mean shaping high schoolers, I am quite a joy to be with!) The good news is that I truly now know what NOT to do… the bad news is that there is still lots to practice on.

So the next time you want to remove wallpaper… go with your gut people, call a professional as fast as your fingers can dial and tell your spouse they’ll thank you for it later.