One Day at at Time


Yes, I’m still here and yes, I am still working on that bathroom. Two coats of Kilz primer, two coats of gray paint (even though I paid $54 a gallon because it was “guaranteed to cover in one coat”- insert eye roll here) and two coats of white paint on the stripes (yep, back to the cheap stuff!) take quite a bit of time. With 14 foot ceilings and only an eight foot ladder, I have stood on the top of that ladder and reached so much that muscles in my back and shoulders that I didn’t even know existed are no longer sore (but they had their sore moments let me tell you!) I have learned exactly how long it takes for the paint to dry enough for a second coat to go on without making a mess and exactly how long you can keep your brush in a sealed baggy before it dries out. Another handy lesson was to paint an odd number of stripes so that you don’t have to paint at the ceiling or floor more than once… well unless your room has all these weird inset and ceiling height changes like mine. Fortunately I also now know how to get Kilz out of a very expensive jacket that belongs to my son but was borrowed by my husband…paint remover and prayer!

However you guys, don’t be feeling bad for me because it has certainly not been all work and no play… you people know me and we all realize that would never work! So there have been plenty of fun times and fun trips (both family trips and girl trips) to Nashville, Carrollton, Atlanta and Greenville. My oldest son has gotten engaged (She met me ahead of time and STILL said yes… bless her!), my brother-in-law Rick Allen won his election to the United States Congress (#PickRick) and I’ve learned that there is a reason young people have kids (as Joe Wills says, “It’s a young man’s sport.”)

Through it all I’ve learned a lot about myself and what it takes to motivate me. But most of all I have learned the best method to my madness is to take it one room at a time, one project at a time, one day at a time. No, it is not totally done yet but we’re close enough for me to call it!