Today’s A Great Day

Will bday

Twenty-three years ago today my life changed forever. My first child was born and no matter how much you love each of your children, there is just something special about your first born. When we got to the hospital, the doctor said “are you ready?” to which I replied “NO!” and he said “too late!” Yes, this was when I realized I had the greatest doctor in the world. Who, by the way, delivered Will with a broken arm. It was broken playing church league softball. He had it set afterwards. Nope, never has my life been normal.

Will’s was an easy pregnancy and delivery. So easy in fact, I clearly remember sitting in the delivery room thinking two things. First, I need to call my mom and apologize for all the times I was bad and second, I already want another one. (Oh don’t look shocked, you all know how strange I am.) Will was put in the NICU because his blood sugar was higher than normal which they attributed to him being a big baby (8lbs 8oz, 22 inches long) and I have never felt worse in my life. I wasn’t all sad because he was in the NICU, no I felt so bad because there was my enormous, essentially healthy baby boy in a room full of teeny, tiny, truly sick babies. (I’m certain the other mothers wondered why the ginormous baby was even in there and I was a bit worried that I had somehow contributed to this by drinking gallons of sweet tea from Wendy’s while pregnant with him… oops!)

There are literally millions of wonderful things I could say about Will but I’ll just say this, if you gave me the chance to raise a thousand more just like him I wouldn’t even have to think about it before saying YES! Will has truly been a pleasure to raise and is a joy to know. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, when your kids become adults and you actually want to spend time with them, you are blessed beyond measure.

Happy birthday Will! Thanks for making parenting seem so easy that we did it again… twice!


It’s His Birthday!!



Today is the love of my life’s birthday!! I thought about telling you fifty-three things I love about this man since today is his fifty-third birthday, but I decided no one would read past number ten except for him, so I’ll just spare you. Tim and I are different in many ways and when it comes to birthdays we are really different! When it’s my birthday, I like to pick the restaurant and truthfully the gifts as well. Not that I don’t trust Tim to do it, it’s just that he has less than stellar taste in gifts and Waffle House is his go to place (he once gave me a shower stool….you feeling me now?!?!) So when it’s getting near his birthday I start asking him where he wants to go and what gifts he wants. The answer is always the same, “wherever you want to go” and “I don’t want anything, I have everything I want.” See how easy it is being me?????

But really that sums up this wonderful man. Tim is content with spending time with people, doing what they want to do and just enjoying every day as it comes. He rarely gets mad, never raises his voice, puts others first and doesn’t even understand the concept of holding a grudge. (Told you we were really different!) I know that I am the most blessed woman in the world to get to call this man my husband and though we have our differences we also have our similarities. From simple things like pretzel dogs at Sonic to our love of traveling to our total joy in getting to raise our sons. Even though he is a mountain person and I am a beach person we can agree on the fact that we love to be together. (yes, in typical Tim style, the beach usually wins.)

So today join me as I celebrate the greatest husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend in the world. I have loved you for over half of my life and I don’t plan to stop… Happy Birthday Timmy! Waffle House here we come…

The Boys Are Back In Town… Almost


The month of May will be here tomorrow… WHAT?!?!? Am I the only one who it snuck up on?? It seems just yesterday that the boys were leaving after Christmas break (and when I saw the mess that was left in their wake, I may have actually been grateful that they weren’t coming home again until summer…oops!!) But I do love May for lots of reasons: Tim’s birthday, Will’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, my favorite cousins birthday, my nephew Andy’s birthday, Mother’s Day (plenty of notice boys… books are always good), school ends, summer begins, and our household occupancy doubles while my laundry/cooking/cleaning TRIPLES! I have learned to make very few plans in May because I know it’s the longest my boys will be home all year and we just plan to soak it in.

Other mothers talk about having their college kids home for the summer and I must say that I have never had that experience. Our oldest son worked every summer and spring break for his entire undergraduate life. It looks like both our middle son and youngest are headed down that same path. I’m not complaining, because I believe it’s good from them to experience all that they can while they are young and unencumbered. (Plus, none of them are dumb and they know there is no way their dad would put up with them staying in bed until noon.) Do I miss them? YES! Would I love to have them home for a longer period of time? Sure in theory but I’m pretty sure we’d get on theirs nerves about the same time they started getting on ours!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Tim and I are loving the empty nest! Seriously, when your kids do what you raised them to do it’s hard not to be happy for them (besides, I’d be crazy to mind less laundry, smaller messes and cheaper grocery bills…just sayin) it also means that when any or all of the boys are home we put everything aside and just enjoy our time with them. So for the next month there will be late nights, tons of good food, great conversations and more fun than you can imagine. Seriously, I may be worn out and used up come June but it will all be worth it!

I Blame Target

My intended bag and what became my weekend bag...

My intended weekend bag;  what became my weekend bag…

Then there was that really fun weekend trip to Greenville where we got to the hotel and realized that my bag was still at home… in Augusta. It wasn’t like we had anything to do other dinner, an amazing concert, take Matt out for his birthday, see my parents, tour Furman… good times without clean clothes or make-up people, good times!

Now I am one of those people who is ALWAYS up for a road trip and can pack in less than ten minutes while blindfolded. Weekend girls trip- sure! Head up to Nashville to see one of my besties- love too! Atlanta to see my fav niece and son- alright! Carrollton to see the family- bring it on! So I can’t use the excuse that I’m not an experienced traveler and as much as I would like to blame my hubby for not getting my bag, I can’t. The truth of the matter is… it was totally Target’s fault. You see I ordered some new ankle boots (end of season sale!) and wanted to take them to Greenville to wear. Because, hello, nothing says February in Greenville like cute pants and ankle boots, right???? Tim in all of his OCD-ness was packing the car a good five hours before we needed to leave and wanted to take my bag for me but I told him not to because… Target promised my boots would be delivered that day. So as we waited, we ran a couple of errands and when we got back to the house…. NO BOOTS! Well naturally I was so distraught that as we left the house and got into the car I totally walked right… past… my… bag… sitting right by the door. The horror!!

There are really just no words for how I felt when we got to the hotel and I realized that clean clothes and make-up would not be part of my weekend. I mean we all know that I will win no style awards but every once in a while I come up with a cute outfit for a big event… and people, this weekend was going to be my best style weekend EVER!! It was going to be EPIC!! (ok, maybe that’s just a bit dramatic but it’s still fresh, so can we just go with it?)

This is when I realized that Target is not only fully to blame but may have just planned this because with only thirty minutes in which to get some replacement things… there was only one store close enough to get everything…yes, yes it was, Target was the only option. So seventy dollars later I was equipped with passable make-up but that was it. Did I still have a fun weekend? Yes! Did I win any hair, make-up or style awards? Heavens NO!!! but you know what? We had a great time and laughed over and over and over about my sweet bag sitting home… all alone… bless it…

Where Did the Years Go?

Matt Birthday

It is crazy how I look at this 6’2” man and think of him as my baby! Unfortunately for him, that is how I will always think of him and today is his 19th birthday…. WHAT?!?! No, no, no, shouldn’t he still be 3 years old with his pudgy cheeks and sweet little smile?? What happened to the days when he would climb up in my lap, poke his thumb in his mouth and fall asleep? (Yeah, he may kill me for that!)

We realized about the time Matt was four that he would be our last child, so from them on I looked at everything he did with “last eyes” because I knew whatever it was, this would be the last time anyone in our family did this. Don’t get me wrong, some of those things I was shouting hallelujah that it was the last time!! Other things not so much. Now, Will and Luke will tell you that Matt is spoiled but let’s be honest, they are all three spoiled. (living the truth, people, living the truth!)

I retired right before Matt’s senior year in high school and it was the best decision I’d made in a long time. I enjoyed every second of every day that I go to be home with him. Matt is funny, caring, outgoing, handsome, smart, charismatic and loves Jesus. He is one of the best writers you’ll ever read and as his mom I should know! There is a crazy connection between the two of us that I will always cherish. Plus, he loves his mom as you can tell from the best mother’s day gift ever:


He’s one of the biggest blessings God has given me and I’ve loved every minute of being his mom. Happy Birthday Matt!!

One of a Kind


She was a grandmother many times over when we met and I was just a bit older than her oldest grandchild. I was the woman her son had chosen to spend the rest of his life with and I’m sure I wasn’t anything like what she dreamed of for her precious baby boy. Yet she never made me feel like anything less than royalty. She welcomed me into the family with open loving arms and acted like I was just what she always wanted for Tim. She taught me many things in life, but the best lesson she ever taught me was how to be an amazing mother-in-law.

If you know Ruth Reeve, you know she is one of a kind and an extra special person. She has more friends than you can count and any one of them would concur on what an amazing and caring person she is. Today is her 92nd birthday and I’m thankful for all the birthdays I’ve seen her celebrate. Icepocalypse 2014 is keeping us from being with her today but I feel certain she will be well celebrated.

So heres to you Ruth Reeve, world class mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and if I can be half as wonderful a mother-in-law as you, I will feel like the biggest success in the world.

Random Friday Musings


  1. Today is my dad’s birthday, so if you see Greg make sure you wish him a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy!!
  2. Will got home from Memphis last night so my nest is full…and messy…and my fridge is empty…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
  3. Anchorman 2 is out… wonder how long before I get to hear my boys reciting every one of the movie lines?
  4. Why do boy’s dorm rooms smell so bad?
  5. Robin Thicke is the son of Alan Thicke… you know the dad on Family Ties?? WHAT?!?!
  6. James Marsden, who I may or may not have actually met in person while on a girls trip in Atlanta, may have the most beautiful eyes ever. Well, other than my husband of course. Of course…
  7. How can one boy coming home from college for the break have so much stuff and have it ALL OVER THE HOUSE in just two short hours??? Yes, I’m talking about you Luke Reeve!
  8. Why can I think of thousands of things I want until someone asks me?
  9. Did anyone ever really care who let the dogs out? Whose dogs were they anyway?
  10. Why is there a difference between “for sale” and “on sale”?
  11. Speaking of which, why can’t car dealers just tell me how much they want for their cars? I don’t haggle over milk at the grocery store or my mortgage payment…just tell me how much the car is and I’ll pay it if I want it. DONE.
  12. Rett and Gini are getting married tomorrow…unless Gini gets around our family and realizes she doesn’t want to sign on for all this! So y’all hide your crazy at least until after they’re hitched… then go wild. Seriously, can’t wait to begin celebrating with them tonight!

p.s. It’s almost Christmas Day so you might want to start your shopping. I might want to start mine too… I might…

The One and Only Haddie


(Mutt and Maude aka Haddie, my father-in-law Tom with Haddie, 4 year old Tim and Haddie)

Today would have been the 114th birthday of my husband’s grandmother, Haddie. Her real name was Maude Snow Hadley and she was quite the woman let me tell you! She gave birth to two of the spunkiest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting and loved her husband so dearly that after he died she remained a widow for the rest of her life which was more than forty years. She lived all by herself in the same house where she raised her family from the time Mutt died until she was 95 years old (yes, they were Mutt and Maude…hey, the Reeve side were Ellis and Etha!!)

I remember the first thanksgiving after Will was born. Papa, Mema, Tim, Will and I loaded up Mema’s blue Oldsmobile station wagon so we could head to Statesville, North Carolina to spend the holiday with Haddie. (oh yes, we were styling and profiling in that swagger wagon!) At the time she was almost 92 years old but you would never know it to spend time with her. My favorite part of the holiday visit (not counting the hours of amazing conversation and storytelling!) had to be when Haddie sat down at her piano to play from memory The Maple Leaf Rag. It. Was. Amazing. When she first sat down at the piano, she couldn’t remember how to start the song and as we talked, she began to peck at the keys until suddenly in the middle of her talking with us she realized she was playing the song!!

How I wish I had been given more years with Haddie and her zest for life! Imagine a woman widowed in the prime of her life, choosing to live alone and do life her way for the next forty plus years. She was so active, she drove up until her ninetieth birthday when her kids realized that backing out onto a four lane highway was just not a good idea any longer. Haddie even did dying her way. She moved to Carrollton once she realized she could no longer live alone and after charming the entire community, she quietly died in her sleep less than six months later.

The world was a better place because she was in it and my family is blessed to have loved and been loved by her. Happy birthday Haddie! I’m certain that for today, God is doing things your way.