My Hobby Lobby Obsession

Once again I was late to the party! I am certain I am the last person on the entire earth to discover…Hobby Lobby. This past weekend in Nashville, my Ansley was telling me about all the great fabric Hobby Lobby carries when I told her that I had never been… even though I have one two minutes from my house. I though she was going to pass out… she was appalled! You see I knew that I was not into building model airplanes or those ship-in-a-bottle thingies, so I though why go to a store full of that kind of stuff, right??? WRONG!! They are WAY more than that. WHO KNEW?!?! (everyone but me apparently.)

I have to admit I went a bit grudgingly, after all Ans insisted that I go and she even wanted live texting so that she could enjoy it with me… I’m thinking to myself, “Ans, you really need to get a life.” So I put it off as long as I could and yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and just get it over with… an hour and a half later I finally left hoping to go back again today!!! I mean seriously people, I could have stayed all day.

You all know that after being a retail buyer for years, I am not a shopper. My thoughts are get in, get what you came for and get out. So I set aside fifteen minutes to go in to look at the fabric and possibly find a birthday gift for a friend… well, I spent fifteen minutes looking at the candle aisle alone. If you can think of it, they have it! From candles to fabric to home goods to knick knacks to wall décor. Y’all I found myself trying to figure out which room I could redecorate with a nautical theme so that I could buy this adorable life boat bookcase (cause I need another bookcase, right?!?!) It was then that I realized I needed to WALK AWAY. Hobby Lobby you are my new favorite obsession store but I realized that I need to restrain myself and only purchase what I can actually use…unfortunately, the adorable life boat bookcase may not be making the cut.


Snow and Ice and Earthquakes … OH MY!


I’m not real sure what is going on in your world, but here in Augusta we have experienced snow, sleet, ice, an earthquake and 40 mph winds all in the span of four days… what?!?!? Now y’all I can put up with a lot. Let’s be real, I have three sons and have seen (and cleaned up) more than I ever thought possible. So I’m well equipped to live without power for 55 hours. But there was one thing I REALLY missed.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that what I missed the most was not a hot meal or lights or even being able to keep up with the news and weather. No, between our gas fireplace, candles and halogen flashlights I was pretty good. We even had hot water so we could shower everyday… but what I couldn’t do was dry… my… hair. I KNOW!! It’s crazy how badly I missed my hair dryer. People, I don’t enjoy walking around with a wet head and I am quite certain that my husband was looking at me by Valentine’s Day and questioning what he ever saw in me. We haven’t made it twenty-five years for nothing but I am pretty darn sure that had he seen me like this in 1989, there would have been no wedding. It… was… bad!!

Good news is that I was able to read without feeling guilty. Cause, what else was there to do?? Couldn’t cook, clean or do laundry. For some strange reason we had zero cell phone service even when we were in the cars charging them. And let’s be real here, Tim had our yard cleaned up before the last branch had been on the ground five minutes, so there was really nothing to do. BUT READ!!! Just between you and me, I may have actually enjoyed being without power… well, other than the whole Frankenstein’s Bride hairdo I was rocking.