Houston We Have A Problem

A ton of hair spray gave its life for the styles in these photos...

A ton of hair spray gave its life for the styles in these photos…

Houston we have a problem. I was at the mall yesterday and saw… stirrup pants!! Seriously people, did we learn nothing from the 80’s?? I mean what is next? Mile high hair and ginormous shoulder pads? Are we going to start wearing 4 inch jewel encrusted circles as earrings once again? The next thing you know TV will do a remake of “Dallas”…oh wait, that happened.

There were many good things brought to us by the 80’s but I hope you agree with me that stirrup pants was not one of them. Sure we can all agree that Brian Adams, Bon Jovi and The Police are all GREAT things that came out of the 80’s. Seriously what is not to love about Summer of 69, Cuts Like A Knife, Heaven, You Give Love A Bad Name, Livin On A Prayer, Don’t Stand So Close To Me, Everything Little Thing She Do Is Magic… I mean REALLY?!?!? This was (and still is!) great stuff people and I haven’t even mentioned Jon Bon Jovi and Sting who STILL look fine.

Oh and it wasn’t just 80’s music, there were also the movies. We’re talking “Top Gun”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Field of Dreams”, “The Breakfast Club”, “E.T.”, “Terms of Endearment”, “The Big Chill”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. And don’t forget “Out of Africa”, “Rain Man”, “Platoon” and “Steel Magnolias” (who didn’t go to at least one blush and bashful wedding?) There are far too many great movies to even begin to name them all and isn’t it funny how just the name of a movie can take you right back to a place and time? “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”… anyone? anyone? anyone?

Oh I could go on and on with everything from food to cars to great moments in sports but I think you guys smell what I’m cooking! The 80’s were a monumental decade with some amazing innovations and events. So let’s all make a pact not to allow fashion to even TRY to bring back those things we are still trying to forget… you’ve seen the photos, it was not pretty people, not pretty.


Nope, Not Normal…


We’ve discussed my abnormal culinary roots, but I also had some unusual fashion roots. My parents had kids at a young age, so neither set of my grandparents seemed very old to me (probably because they were not!) Oh, they always did the grandparent thing when we’d spend the night complete with yummy food, fun activities and later bedtimes but they keep us in line too. We knew you couldn’t pull much of anything over on either Granny & Pop or Mom & Papa. So for the most part they seemed like everyone else’s grandparents.

That is until designer jeans became chic. Both my grandmothers wore designer jeans way before it was normal and not only did they wear them, they wore them very well. My dad’s mom was a beautiful tall leggy blonde while mom’s mom was a petite dark-haired beauty. No gray haired grandmothers in my family, no sir. And they were super stylish with their Jordache, Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans let me tell you. Fashionable costume jewelry? Check! Stylish silver thread blouse? Check! Multi strap belt with the gold knot buckle? Double check!

Yes, it took the great designer jean revolution of the early 1980’s to make me realize that I might not be part of normal family after all…..