Embracing Your Muffin Top for Lent

I got this text from a friend not long ago just days before she was heading on a tropical vacation: ‘I just had a talk in the mirror like this “Self, gig’s up. I think your friends know you have a muffin top. No losing it between today and Saturday. Let’s embrace it!” Oh sheesh. Who am I?’ I could so relate!! You typically know months in advance when a really big event is scheduled. How many of us decide we are going to get in better shape and lose a pound or twenty before said event, only to arrive two days before without having changed a single thing and giving yourself this exact same pep talk?!?!

Here’s the truth in the matter, regardless of your size, big or small, there are very few REAL people who love the exact size they are. I have friends who would love to lose weight and I have friends who would love to gain weight. We all find ourselves falling short of where we wish to be. Why? Because we mistakenly think that our size matters. So I have decided to be the voice of truth… you are the only one paying attention to your size because your friends love you regardless (and if they don’t, news flash, YOU NEED TO GET NEW FRIENDS!!!)

I decided this past summer, when I turned 45, to just embrace the size I am. After all I have a husband who adores me, sons who love me, friends who enjoy hanging with me, and strangers whose opinions don’t matter. Think about all the time you spend obsessing about your size… I mean really people, we could end world hunger if we spent as much time dwelling on that. Be honest, how great would life be if you didn’t have to spend a moment focusing on what you see as your flaws?

Today is Ash Wednesday and I have a Lenten challenge for the four of you who read this blog: give up your negative self-image and embrace yourself EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.

  • Stop looking in the mirror and seeing your flaws.
  • Stop talking about what you should or shouldn’t be eating.
  • Stop trying to be something you are not.
  • Stop thinking that how you look defines who you are.

It’s only for forty-five days (yes, I realize that Lent is forty days but when you add the Sundays you get about forty-five days total.) Who knows, you just might get to Easter and along with celebrating the resurrection of our Lord, you just might be celebrating the resurrection of a life lived by a woman who is out to make a difference in the world instead of obsessing over herself.


Big Chairs And Best Friends


So I was on a girl trip recently and realized something about myself. I feel so much more current and fashionable around these gals. We go in stores like Lucky, Anthropology, Free People and I convince myself that I look really good in these clothes, not like I’m wearing a costume at all. So I make a purchase or ten and cannot wait to get home and wear these things because I am going to look so fab… But for some reason, when I put them on in my neck of the woods I feel like such a poser! How is it that something that looked so amazing in the store in Atlanta looks so ridiculous in my full length mirror in Augusta? Maybe it’s because my best friends are not there to say “Oh that looks GREAT on you!”; maybe the lighting in my house is horrific; or maybe it’s simply because I am in all actuality forty-five years old.

You see when I am with my besties, I feel like I am sixteen and the world is mine for the taking. The minute we get together, regardless of where we are, I go back to when we were in high school together- young and totally unencumbered. Now you could analyze it until the cows come home, but the truth of the matter is, these girls just get me. They have known me over thirty years and surprisingly they still like me! For just a bit there is absolutely nothing required of me other than to enjoy myself. We shop, eat well, laugh, talk and we may or may not sit in a really big chair in the middle of Phipps Plaza at 10:30pm that was roped off and clearly marked “Do Not Sit In Chair”.

We don’t always get together, but when we do… it is amazing!! Now excuse me while I google “how to return clothes that looked fab in the store but at home make you look ridiculous”…