Luke Time


One of the rare joys of being a mother of more than one child is getting to spend extended one on one time with them. Luke (my middle son) and I got to do just this when we spent time in Memphis just hanging out until he started his summer job. I learned a lot about Luke, things one can only learn sharing a hotel room for four days……FOUR DAYS!!

We tease Luke and tell him that he lives on “Luke Time” residing in his own world with his own timetable. Like for instance, when he tells you he is ready to go, that does not necessarily mean he has clothes on. No, it just means he’s ready to walk out the door in his boxers with his clothes and shoes in his hands. This works fine at home where our car is in our PRIVATE garage but this doesn’t translate so well when we are in a hotel!! So when this happened in Memphis, I gently suggest to my 20 year old, “Why don’t you put your clothes on BEFORE we leave the hotel room. We’re not in that big of a hurry.”  And I sat down in the TV area of our suite to wait… and wait… and wait… and then I heard him playing the guitar. So I glanced into the bedroom to see a half dressed Luke laying on the bed playing his guitar. He looked at me with his million dollar smile and instantly knowing the look that was on my face reminded me “You said we weren’t in a hurry.”

The God side of this particular personality trait? Luke ALWAYS has time for you. No matter what he’s doing or where he is going, he listens with his heart and if you need his time/money/talents he is there without question. If he sees a person in need, he stops what he is doing to help. When I think of a servant’s heart, I think of Luke. Of course my rule following, type A personality sometimes gets annoyed (shocking huh??) but then I realize that Luke is simply being who God created him to be.

Yep, Luke is so much like his father that sometimes I want to scream. But what can I say, I happen to love and adore that sweet man that I’m married to, so when people say Luke is just like his father, well that’s just fine by me.