True Confession

My name is Wendy and I am a reader. I feel like I’m confessing an addiction and maybe it is of sorts. I know you’re thinking, what?!?!? How can one be addicted to reading? Well, let me explain. It all started as a little girl. My parents are both avid readers, so I grew up with it being something you normally did- on vacation, at night after dinner, before going to bed. I read anything I could get my hands on from the back of cereal boxes to random magazines laying around to old newspapers to the back of products. Silly me, I though everyone was this way.

I especially loved vacation. Our vacation time was spent camping/fishing in the North Georgia Mountains and before we left town, we’d always stop by the library to check out some new books to take with us. First criteria for a book? THICK! Yes, my nine year old self wanted to find the thickest books possible because you could only check out eight books at a time. I know, only eight books for a week in the mountains?!?! Crazy huh?? So of course they had to be thick books and thick books can be hard to find. Needless to say I developed a love for all genres of literature. From historical to contemporary, chick lit to best sellers, Christian to mystery books.

The realization that I was abnormal didn’t happen until after I married. My husband and his family read but not like my family. They might read an article in a magazine or a “must read” book but they were rather tame with their reading. I’m sure they thought my hubby had lost his mind when they realized the extent of my “problem.” Let me put it this way, when my oldest son was in kindergarten, the kids went around the room discussing what their parents did for a living. Since his teacher was our friend, she relayed what Will told the whole class, “My mother reads.” My sweet firstborn thought that’s what I did….for a living!! (Oh if only it were true!!) I tried to explain to him that I did plenty of other things like house cleaning, laundry, cooking…. but I knew with certainty by the look on his face, he didn’t believe a word I was saying. Even at five they know what you really love to do.

I tried to taper off my reading once I “retired.” Thinking I needed to try to find other hobbies like ironing, cooking, cleaning. But seriously, I took a long hard look and decided I’m ok just like I am. I spend time on my Bible study (teaching teenage girls you gotta keep your game up) and our house is spotless…. (what? it’s my blog) ok, maybe not spotless in the traditional sense but clean enough, the laundry is done and one look at us tells you we’re well fed. So yesterday, I read an entire book. Nothing heavy, just what I call popcorn for the brain. Maybe I felt guilty for reading but not anymore. I have decided I’m better if I’m reading. It’s my outlet and my escape and I deserve it. So take that world!!  (now I’m getting down off the soap box and on to another book.)