Bonjour Mon Amie!


So I’m driving on the interstate and my phone rings. It’s Luke… on FaceTime… from France… and I talked with him for over fifteen minutes as I continued to drive…WHAT?!?!? (good thing Tim bought me a dash mount holder for my phone, thanks again honey!) But seriously, how crazy is the technology in our world today? If you told me 10 years ago that I would be able to video chat with my son while he was in France, I’d have laughed in your face. If you told me I could do that while driving down the road I would have felt sorry for you because you were obviously delusional!!

You guys know how hard it was for me to send this child off on his own half way around the world, but technology has certainly made it easier. Even though his iPhone was stolen the second week (raise your hand if that surprises you… yeah, didn’t surprise me either) we can still iMessage and FaceTime thanks to his Mac. (Yay Apple!) His schedule this semester is really brutal… not! He only has class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leaving Thursday to Sunday for him and his friends to travel. He’s gotten in the habit of FaceTiming with us on Sunday afternoons when he gets back form wherever he’s been that week. It has been wonderful to hear the stories and learn about what he experienced while everything is still fresh on his mind. So cool!

Technology can be a nightmare but it can also be a Mom’s best friend. I love hearing about his adventures… especially AFTER he is back safe and sound!


Possibly the Best Gift Ever


Its Super Bowl weekend and I don’t know about you but I’m pumped. Oh yeah, I love the commercials and the mandatory food that goes along with the game but there is one thing about this year’s game that has me super excited. No, I’m not a diehard Broncos or Seahawks fan… but I am a HUGE Peyton Manning fan. (I’ve forgiven him for the whole Tennessee Volunteer thing, so let’s no go there.)

For years now my husband has known one thing for sure about me, the only way I’d ever leave him is if Peyton knocked on my door. Yep, I realize I am married to the most amazing man in the world and let’s be honest, the chances of Peyton knocking on my door is non-existent but a girl can still dream. It’s funny because I have loved Peyton since even before I first saw him on Saturday Night Live in 2007 but people, that show solidified the love. Oh it’s one thing to be an amazing athlete with dashing good looks but when you add funny to the mix… I’m sold!!

It’s even to the point that my boys know, and are ok with, my love for someone other than their dad (yeah, they’re bright guys… they know the odds are ever in their dad’s favor!) My boys know me so well that one of my favorite Christmas gifts… heck favorite gifts period, is one they gave me for Christmas in 2010, a Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts jersey. I KNOW!!! I couldn’t even…I love it still! Naturally they bought it before Peyton got hurt and by the time Christmas rolled around he was out. Unfortunately he never played for Indianapolis again but thank goodness he was not done… he’s back and better than ever. They asked if I wanted a new Peyton Broncos jersey but I’m afraid it would cause him to get hurt again… cause I have that power and I have vowed to use my powers for good not evil!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the Super Bowl and that your team wins… as long as your team is the Denver Broncos. OMAHA! OMAHA!

What A Difference A Day Makes


What a difference a day makes… Monday they claimed the storm of the century was on its way and would hit Augusta hard early Tuesday. Well it didn’t…. hit early that is! It finally got to Augusta close to 10:00pm. Now the other side of the state is a whole nother story but we’ll not get into that! (reason #4,269 why I’m glad we live here.)

Snow always brings back fond memories of when the boys were little and at the slightest mention of flurries, they began to pray for a snow day. Even if there wasn’t enough snow to play in for more than ten minutes they longed for just enough snow to close school. We’d get up bright and early (please explain to me WHY they could get up at the crack of dawn on days they DIDN’T have school??) and dig out all of the jackets, hats, gloves and boots we could find, then begin to layer the kids up until they could hardly move. (How many of you just flashed back to the scene in The Christmas Story where the little brother is so bundled up that he can barely walk much less play?) Naturally they would head out to play with guns a blazing and gradually shed the layers as they warmed up. When they came back in Tim and I would then have to head back out with them for project winter clothes retrieval. (which by the way was rarely successful…)

This year there are no boys at home to play in the snow. So poor Tim is out wandering the neighborhood in the snow… all by himself… looking for adventure. If he’s gone for more than a couple of hours I guess I’ll go check on him. Well, maybe I’ll only give him an hour before I head out… it is pretty cold out there. And he better still have all his winter clothes on!!

Like Father Like Son


Today is a school holiday for my hubby. It means he’s home for the entire day with nothing he has to do. Now that does not mean he won’t parade around the kitchen (like he is doing right now) looking for something to do. He’ll wander into the boys’ rooms trying to see if there is anything that needs attention. Then he’ll go upstairs to check out the bonus room to make sure it’s all in order. The entire time he is doing this I will be sitting at my desk thinking “should I get up and go see if he wants me to help him with something?” (Nah!!) Lastly he will walk back into the den before saying, “I think I’ll head outside to piddle.”

Oh how I love this man!! I love the fact that doing nothing is not even in his make-up. I can walk into a room and see nothing that needs doing but Tim, he walks into the same room and sees twenty things that could be better. Whether it is tightening a screw in a table or repainting a chalk board wall to freshen it up, he sees it all!

Of course there was not much of a chance he would turn out any different because his dad was the same way. I remember Papa always piddling in the outside shop or in the study or even upstairs in the attic. He was always doing something. When the boys were little we spent many an afternoon at my in-laws with the boys playing in the yard while the Ruth and I happily sat around watching… but not Papa. He would get up and toss a ball with the boys or go pull out a riding toy for them to play on. Just like Tim he had to be doing something.

So I think I’ll put my computer up now and head outside to piddle with my hubby. Who knows, I might actually learn a new skill like suburban squirrel hunting or winter lawn mower maintenance or even how to take apart and reassemble a leaf blower. Oh the possibilities!!

Finally Friday


Before we get started, lets take a moment to appreciate how handsome Harry Connick Jr is… almost as handsome as my husband. (You see how I did that?!?! Watch and learn people, watch and learn!)

Some days you just have nothing to say. I sat down to write this morning and cannot even get one solid thought to come… well other than the things that I may or may not need to do. Like, did I put the clothes from the washing machine into the dryer? Where did I put Tim’s jacket? Have I taken the boys tuxedos to the cleaners? Do I have enough time today to paint the rest of the wainscoting? Better yet, do I have time to watch the episode of American Idol I missed? You know, just the normal day to day stuff.

And speaking of American Idol, I have to say Harry Connick Jr has ALWAYS been one of my favorite people. He can sing, he can act but most of all he is smart and witty without being mean. (plus he is not bad to look at… not bad at all.) I remember a few seasons back when he was a mentor on the show and I thought gosh I wish he was a judge cause I’d like to hear/see him every week. Well people, dreams… they really do come true!!

So to recap, I don’t have much to say today other than I’m excited Harry is a judge on Idol and I just realized that Monday is a holiday… my life just keeps getting better and better. Yes, it is good to be me… happy weekend friends!

In My Swagger Wagon

The Swagger Wagon's 2012 Senior Trip

The Swagger Wagon’s 2012 Senior Trip

I still drive a minivan only we call it the swagger wagon. Yes, I realize that I have no children at home and one would think that by the time all of your children are out of the house that you have earned the right to drive a nice adult car but then the van comes in handy and you just can’t part with it. Y’all, this swagger wagon is practically family at this point, I mean it has taken us on vacation to Florida every year since 2007, moved one child to Georgia Tech four times, another two times, one move to Furman, gone on the senior trip with the class of 2012 (without me- yes my son and his friends begged to take it), moved a child to Memphis, brought home some amazing antiques inherited from my darling mother-in-law and taken us on more road trips than I could ever name.

No one sets out to purchase a minivan when their kids are out of car seats, but as I was searching for my next car in late 2006, I realized that with the length of my oldest son’s legs at the time, there were very few choices he could fit in. It was a light bulb moment people! As we tried to squeeze all three boys in the back of a smoking hot candy apple red Volvo, I quickly noticed that Will’s chin was resting on his knees and decided maybe we should pursue something a bit roomier. Right then one of the boys saw a van with the sliding door open, a drop down TV/DVD combo and heard the words, “You can even plug in any video game system and play while you travel.” It was game over at that point. Game…Over… To humor the kids we walked over to check out the vans and I realized that not only could my long legged son fit comfortably, but there were enough seats to keep them all separate. It’s the little things in my life people….

Many times we have discussed getting rid of the swagger wagon and each and every single time I think about how handy it has been. Plus, when you buy a van with half grown kids, you can afford all the whistles and bells. Can I say I really love my heated leather seats? Not as much as Tim but if I’m being honest, on some super cold days it’s been close people….real close.

I Dropped My Basket

Athens Wedding

Not sure where I first heard this phrase but boy did is it spot on! The boys were coming in for winter break, all of us headed to a holiday family wedding in Athens, then on to visit family in Carrollton, Christmas was only days away, lastly sending Luke off to France for four months. (We all see where this is headed don’t we?!?!) I don’t even remember where in midst of all this it happened but at some point I… just… lost… it. You know the kind of losing it where you are staring at yourself from outside your body thinking “whoa… that chick is INSANE!” and then you suddenly realize that chick is you… it’s not pretty people, not pretty at all.

You should know that while I’m not a type A personality who has to pack six weeks in advance, I do think if you are leaving the country for four months it is important to begin thinking about what to pack at least five days out. Now hubby would say you need to be packed at least ten days out… this may or may not have contributed to the basket drop. Just sayin. Anyway, Luke really did think it would be fine to wait until the day before he left to begin organizing his stuff. I mean it will wash and pack itself and it’s not like airlines have a weight or bag limit, right?!? (yes that was my sarcasm font right there!) So between all the disorganization, travel woes, holiday preparations and the emotions of sending off part of my heart to France, I had my basket dropping moment. BAM!! It was on the floor and everything was just rolling all over the place.

But the good news is I think when my head spun around for the third time, Luke realized that maybe we were serious about getting things done ASAP. After that I was fine… poor Tim may never be the same again but hey, we all have our moments… sometimes I just can’t hide my crazy. Living the truth people, just living the truth.

Opposites Attract


Tim and I will be celebrating twenty-five years of marriage this summer. Twenty-five years? Am I old enough to have been married that long? (Well I was 10 when we married…) I question how life passed so quickly? More importantly I question where are we going to go to celebrate? You think I’m being petty, but this is a big deal because when it comes to vacation getaways, Tim and I could not be more different.

For me it’s pretty simple: beach, chair, book, ocean and PLENTY of sunshine. That is really all I require. There is just something so soothing and tranquil about the sound of the waves combined with the smell of the salt air and the continuous breeze to keep me from getting too hot. I mean it people, this is what heaven is to me. Ahhhhhhh……

Tim on the other hand loves a vacation with a lot of doing! No sitting still for him. Whether it is exploring a nature trail, taking in the local attractions, going on a zip-line, climbing a mountain, or anything else that is NOT just being by the beach reading a book. No sir, no sitting around reading for my man. (I know, how in the world have we lasted this long?!?!?!?!)

Funny story, one of my favorite vacations was when Tim and I went to a resort in Cancun, Mexico just the two of us. I loved it so much because we did nothing but enjoy the pool, the ocean and Mexican food (again, heaven!) How did I get Tim to go for this? Well, he had his appendix out on Saturday and we left for Cancun that next Thursday. Yep, he was not allowed to do anything but rest, relax and recover. Does this make me a bad person that I enjoyed the trip so much? I’m going to say no… I just made the best of a bad situation. Right?!?!?

So you see there is a dilemma… there is also a budget. Combine the two and you’ll understand why we have no idea where we are going…yet. But you see I’m an optimist and I truly believe we will find a solution to this problem. Who knows, maybe we’ll find a beach with a zip-line over it!!

Back When It Was Normal


(yes these are photos from 1991, yes that is my nephew and yes my husband has a bow on his head….what do you mean that’s not normal??? You must not know MY hubby.)

Do you remember when all these sweaters from the ugly sweater contests were just called Christmas sweaters? I mean, we couldn’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving so that we could begin wearing them. Oh yes, not only did we wear these sweaters in everyday life… we paid good money for them. Yes back in the good old days, we’d put a holiday party on our kitchen wall calendar and immediately begin to think about which Christmas sweater we were going to wear. Would I wear one of the five I own or borrow one from my mother’s even larger stash? No, maybe I’d borrow the amazing lame’ ornament sweater from my mother-in-law…. but only if the party was going to be dressy.

People, back in the 1980’s and 1990’s we wore these sweaters… in everyday life and we wore them with … stirrup pants. GASP!! Yes my friends, we were essentially wearing loose leggings that had elastic loops that wrapped around the bottom of our feet so that we could tuck them into our faux leather pumps. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? I am quite certain somewhere, someone laughed every time he saw women in stirrup pants because, like Rachel’s apartment pants on Friends, they were most likely started as a joke, something that was never meant to be.

Are you picturing this people? Imagine the ugliest Christmas sweater you have ever seen being worn with BRIGHT red stirrup pants and the woman wearing this outfit is not heading to tacky day at school or an ugly sweater party. She was most likely heading to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for turtle cheesecake and chicken divan. Heck, she might have even been headed to the Christmas bridal shower my best friends and I gave where we presented the bride to be with her own custom made Christmas sweatshirt onto which we had sewn crocheted snowflakes, satin ribbon, sequins and pearls. Yes, we were living the dream people. Living. The. Dream.

Let’s Go Trojans


This weekend the high school state football championship games will be played and frankly, I’m torn. You see, hubby and I went to rival high schools but have somehow stayed married all these years. I’m certain this is due in part to the fact we moved away from our hometown so there was not discussion about which school our children would attend. But I digress… the football team from Tim’s alma mater will be playing for the state championship Saturday night and while I would normally not care, this year I am cheering for the Trojans… yes my Central Lion homies, I said that and said it out loud. I will be cheering for the Carrollton Trojans but the reason why has nothing to do with my adorable husband.

You see, there were nine or ten of us that hung around all through our junior and senior years of high school. We did everything together from hanging out at the local Wendy’s to people watching at the Atlanta airport to spending too many weekends to count water skiing at West Point Lake. The guys played summer league baseball so we spent tons of time traveling to watch them play and I have to say it fostered my great love for men in baseball pants… I mean the sport of baseball. Anyway, two of the guys in our group have sons on this year’s Trojan football team, Jeff Turner who was my junior prom date and dearest male friend, and David Hesterlee my first and longest crush who then became a great friend.

Nothing is quite as exciting as high football when you’ve got a dog in the hunt. While the playing days of my boys are over, I still remember the thrill and stress that came with having a son on the field. There was truly nothing I enjoyed more than watching my boys compete. Oh don’t get me wrong, it was hard when they lost… but when they won?? Pure unadulterated joy!

So this Saturday night, I will be watching the Carrollton Trojan football team vie for the state championship while keeping a particular eye on the Turner and Hesterlee boys. No, I never dreamed I’d ever be supporting the Carrollton Trojans but then again friends like I have, while miles away in body, are always close in my heart. GO BLACK AND GOLD!! (but I will always be a Central Lion at heart!)