Life Changing


There is no getting around it… the world is divided into two distinct people groups- those that LOVE sweets and those that don’t. I fall into that latter group. Now don’t misunderstand me, it’s not that I don’t like sweets it’s just that I prefer, you know, mashed potatoes or hash brown casserole when it comes to dessert. Well, until recently that is.

Having three boys who stay hungry, I have always kept my freezer stocked with ice cream. They all have their favorites: one tends to like plain, another likes anything coffee flavored and the last one loves mint chocolate chip. These days I try to stock up when they’re going to be home and I try to mix it up for them. On one of my recent trips to stock up, Mayfield was on sale so I tried some of the new flavors. One of them, as I told my Thursday night Bible study group, CHANGED MY LIFE! Oh my y’all, it is ah-maz-ing.

It’s a caramel flavored ice cream with salty caramel and chocolate covered pretzels called oddly enough Crunchy Caramel Pretzel. It is the perfect blend of salty with sweet which I think is why I have fallen in love with it. I mean, I may or may not have eaten a small cup this morning at 9:15 when I pulled the carton out to photograph it. There may have also been a conversation with Tim in which I was a bit short with him because not only did he eat some of what I lovingly call MY ice cream but he put it back in the fridge not the freezer (let’s just say he won’t make that mistake again since I reluctantly agreed to share if he would promise to always put it back in the freezer.) So if you haven’t given up sweets up for Lent, I suggest you head straight to the store to buy some. Be fore warned, this may kill your swimsuit diet but rest assured it will change your life for the better! And yes, you will thank me later.


Yes Sir, He’s My Baby


Man this global warming is really getting bad. We’re expecting our second winter storm in less than three weeks here in the Deep South. Last time it didn’t quite go as planned and blasted an un-expecting Atlanta area while it barely hit here in Augusta. Frankly it was disappointing! If they’re going to cancel school, I’m at least hoping for beautiful white yard… lasting longer than 10:00am.

Anyway, this time looks real and they’re saying ICE! So I did what any good southern wife does… I immediately made a to-do list for my husband. (What?!?! You thought I went to the grocery store? No, I already have Funyuns, cheese dip, guacamole, tortilla chips and ice cream… we’re set there.) You see I learn from mistakes. They closed the schools last time FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS and with hubby being an administrator in our local high school, naturally he was home… with NOTHING to do. Remember this is the guy who has wheels on his butt. He has to have something to do. I on the other hand am perfectly content to sit down and read… for hours… and hours… and hours. Tim can’t even sit down and just watch TV. If he is watching TV he is also answering email, surfing the web and who knows what else! So to say these two days were a strain on our marriage is putting it, ummmm…. mildly.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So this time I’m prepared. I’ve put together an extensive list of all the closets that need organizing, knives that need sharpening and things that need deep cleaning. I’ve even thought of a few things I’d like built… just in case. Yep, this girl does one thing well, she learn from her mistakes. I dearly love my husband and I want nothing more than for him to be happy….so another big bad winter storm? Bring it on… this time my list is ready!!

Winter Storms and Funyuns

Matt Snowman

So there is a winter storm warning for Augusta starting tomorrow at 11:00am and ending Wednesday at 1:00pm. They’re saying that there is a chance that we will get one to three inches of snow… of course there is also a chance that I will be named Queen of the World and these chances are about the same. Am I the only person who has noticed that when a winter storm is predicted in this area you can be assured of one thing- no winter storm! Oh we’ve had winter storms here but they never come when predicted. Nope, they prefer to sneak up and catch everyone unaware kind of like appendicitis.

For those of you not in the south, I should clue you in to the fact that when a winter storm warning is issued you can be guaranteed of one thing- bread and milk will be sold out in every store within a twenty mile radius. I mean, if there is no power, southerners immediately make plans to fix and eat the age old Milk and Bread casserole…not really but it might be true because I can think of no other reason people would feel the need to run out and by these items. I get it that you can keep your milk cold in a snow storm and you can eat bread in a snow storm but does anyone really plan to consume that much of either one?!?! And why is there no run on the really good stuff you can eat without power when it’s cold like ice cream, chocolate, Funyuns (yeah, I said Funyuns!), chex mix, salami, redi whip, cheese, s’mores… right?? Why eat milk or bread when you can have this stuff?? So, if the storm does hit, y’all get out your snow boots and come on over… cause you can help me eat all of the good stuff I’ve stock piled for just such an occasion.

Shopping… yay….


I’m not a black Friday shopper. Heck, I’m not a shopper period… well not anymore. I grew up shopping for deals with my parents and my dad could put any shopper to shame. He never got tired in his pursuit of a really great deal. However, for many years my job included shopping and needless to say it’s no longer fun or even enjoyable. (There is nothing like having to do something for a living that takes all the fun out huh?!?)

But my boys are their grandfather’s grandsons!! They don’t get home often so when they come home they bring with them a list of clothes they “need.” Now I admit, I’m partially responsible because last year the oldest needed a new suit for his grad school interview, so on black Friday we headed to the stores and loaded up for very little money. They could not believe how much stuff we got for so little. So this year, they let me know early they wanted to go shopping… today… black Friday. (Yay! she said with absolutely no enthusiasm…..)

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being with my boys but I do hate the obnoxiously large crowds and non-existent parking. (People, there is nothing I am willing to fight for!)So we compromise… going after lunch when the crowds have all but died and there may actually be a parking spot… within two miles of the store. So, this afternoon when you’re counting your black Friday savings or having a late leftover turkey lunch, I’ll be at the mall… with my favorite men. Hopefully, I can at least get an ice cream out of it….