Then I Found This…

And then I found this:

I attended a Women’s event at my church recently with my friend Jan. I had such a nice time being with girls! I really enjoyed the talk that Wendy gave. It was on what is important when everything is important. It is so funny how in the blink of an eye, the things that are important in your life change. I found her speech very encouraging and uplifting and when I realized I knew one of her children and what a delight he was…I knew that she truly knew what she was talking about.”

Tara Salley Update August 19, 2009

I don’t even know what to say. I remember being asked to speak at this event at my church. It was to be the first Girls Night Out and they wanted me to talk. I said sure and thought “I’m certain I can come up with something to say to the 15 to 20 women who will be there.” Then I arrived and there were 200 women …. seriously there were 200 women! I wanted to ask “Do you people not have a life? It’s a Thursday night in July and you have nothing better to do? You know me, why would you want to hear me speak?” I got through it just fine because y’all, I like to talk and can pretty much talk about anything especially my love for Jesus! Of course later as I left I was thinking that it was a complete wreck! Did I touch on everything I wanted to? Did I talk too fast? Was there food in my teeth? Did I speak clearly? Was it enough of a funny/informative balance? And the worst, did it even make sense?

Then four years later I find this in old emails I got caught up in (don’t judge, you know it’s happened to you before) and you realize “I did nothing, God did everything.”  That is the truth- then, now, forever. How funny we are when we think we actually do something for God. HA! It’s finding nuggets like this that remind me I am but a speck of dust (I like to think a speck of dust that communicates well, but a speck of dust no less!!) Why do we even try to do things ourselves when God is sitting there waiting…. simply waiting for us to remember not only does He have this, but it’s going to be REALLY good if we just get out of the way.

Tara, thank you for writing this and hearing not what I had to say but what God wanted you to hear. And my sweet friend Carol Spires, thanks for passing this on.


Thank You Kathie Lee!


Many years ago, when the boys were small and we were poor, Kathie Lee Gifford gave me the best advice EVER (I know pretty strong words there but it’s true.) I was watching her chat with Regis and she made the comment that her kids only get three Christmas gifts because that’s all Jesus got and her kids are no better than him. That was and still is GENIUS PEOPLE!!

So that is what we began to do and to this day we still stick to it. Now, the boys don’t get three really big items because that’s not how we roll but we also don’t count the socks and candy in their stockings as part of the three. We ask them what they want and when we stop laughing at the extravagant list from Matt we decide what to get them. (This is usually the point where Matt quotes “You have not because you ask not”… he is his mother’s son!) You can ask the boys, but I truly don’t remember a year when any one of them complained about only getting three things. And if we are being honest, when they were younger I think we could have given them nothing and they wouldn’t have noticed because of all the stuff they got from Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends. (I kind of always wanted to try that but was afraid I’d warp them and then the counseling bills would be ridiculous.)

It was funny because apparently Santa has the same rule. During all the years that Santa came to our house, he only brought three gifts for each boy. It was like he was reading our minds people… reading… our… minds.

I Am Second


This is an amazing testimony from a very popular family. While I like what Phil and Jep have to say, I think all of us as Christians really need to hear what Reed has to say. Thank you Robertson Family for being unwilling to compromise.

Happy Friday to you my friends!