The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer


Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie and while we’ve already discussed my love of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, I don’t consider them REAL Christmas movies. (sorry Hallmark!) No, real Christmas movies are movies you go to the theater to see when it’s cold outside and you are all excited because school is out. They are the movies that you can watch with your kids and not get embarrassed! Tim’s favorite Christmas movie is hands down “It’s A Wonderful Life” but my Christmas movie choice is not quite as traditional. Now there are literally hundreds of movies to choose from and plenty of those movies that I love. Everything from “A Christmas Story” to “The Holiday” to “The Santa Claus” and I will watch these films over and over. But HANDS DOWN my favorite all time Christmas movie is….. “ELF”!!

I know, I know, it’s not really an adult movie nor what you would expect a well read, highly educated adult to pick (it’s my blog just go with it) but what is not to love about “Cotton-headed Ninnymuggings”, “He’s an angry elf” and my favorite “No, it’s the world’s BEST cup of coffee.” All through the year I find random quotes from “Elf” coming to mind at the most arbitrary times. Admit it, there has been a time or two you wanted to answer the phone, “Buddy the Elf what’s your favorite color?” (just between you and me, life would be a lot more fun if that were the norm.) When we watch the movie as a family, and yes we MUST watch it as often as possible during the holidays, we find ourselves not only laughing out loud but saying the words right along with them.

Maybe that’s why I love this movie so much, no matter who is at our house or how old they are, we can watch this movie, laugh, have fun and no one is offended. Well, other than the occasional South Pole Elf…


Holiday Invasion


Thanksgiving is almost here and there are a few things that I JUST know will happen. At some point the boys will start wrestling… in the den… all over the furniture… Tim will join in… someone will get hurt (probably Tim because he forgets he’s not 25 anymore… but don’t tell him I said that!) We will make plans as a family to do something but Luke will realize at the last minute he already has plans. Oops!! At some point the guitar, ukulele and harmonica will come out for an impromptu jam session. There will be a back porch session late one night where ALL the world’s problems will be solved. There will be at least one ball thrown … in the house… it will become a contest of some sort… something will get broken… the boys will put on their puppy dog faces to tell me how sorry they are… I’ll try to be mad but instead I’ll laugh… life will go on.

It’s always different when the boys come home for a holiday because they’ve been keeping their own schedule for months and it NEVER meshes with ours. Our morning starts around 7:00am… their morning starts about mid-afternoon. We go to bed the same day we got up… they don’t go to bed until early the next day. We eat at normal times… they just eat… and eat… and eat.

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t love every minute regardless of the chaos. I have simply learned that with these three boys of mine, life is NEVER going to go as planned so that is just what I plan on. Well, that and buying out the grocery store. Happy Thanksgiving Week Y’all!!!

A Real BFF…


I was seven years old when Lynne chose me. Chose me for what you might ask? To be her best friend, confidant and partner in crime. Why did she choose me? I’ll never know but I’m oh so blessed she did. When Lynne and I met, I was a shy, introverted second grade little girl who did everything she could to fade into the background. As the youngest of three kids each a year a part, I was most concerned with not causing trouble. Of course that ALL changed with time and most importantly with Lynne (yep, I’m blaming you!)

My first clue that life as Lynne’s BFF would be different should have come when we were in middle school and she walked into homeroom to inform me that we were going to be in a community play where she would have the lead and I would have a secondary role. K? Ok…and we were. Lynne has the gift of giving… not of gifts (even though she’s good at that) but of true potential. She gave me the confidence to be on stage in spite of my total lack of talent and ability not to mention my terror of speaking in public.

My ballroom dancing skills, tennis prowess, date to the Junior Prom (hi Jeff!), bizarre sense of humor and uncanny ability to burst out laughing at the MOST inappropriate time are all credited to Lynne. For some reason when she was doing life with me, I had no fear of failure, rejection or falling short. She embraced life with such joy that I just assumed it would all be fine. And you know what? It was.

Those that know me now struggle to believe me when I tell them how painfully shy I was before Lynne. You see in just the last 10 years I’ve spoken at women’s retreats & events, been the design coordinator for a major golf tournament, led countless Bible studies and often get accused of working the room wherever I am. The very confident woman you see today was many years in the making.

I know that much of what I am today is because Lynne refused to take “no” for an answer. Now we were not always building character and good life skills but since I’m not sure if the statute of limitations has expired yet, I’ll keep most of our adventures to myself. What I will tell you is that 38 years later with us both happily married and mothers to seven kids total, we are still best friends (yeah, yeah I know I’m supposed to say my husband is my best friend but realistically, I never would have had the courage to go out with much less ask him to marry me if it weren’t for her… so he understands!) So to all of you out there like me, make sure you thank the Lynne’s in your life for helping you become the woman you were truly intended to be. If she’s anything like my Lynne you can do that by sending her a few dozen macaroons.