Today’s A Great Day

Will bday

Twenty-three years ago today my life changed forever. My first child was born and no matter how much you love each of your children, there is just something special about your first born. When we got to the hospital, the doctor said “are you ready?” to which I replied “NO!” and he said “too late!” Yes, this was when I realized I had the greatest doctor in the world. Who, by the way, delivered Will with a broken arm. It was broken playing church league softball. He had it set afterwards. Nope, never has my life been normal.

Will’s was an easy pregnancy and delivery. So easy in fact, I clearly remember sitting in the delivery room thinking two things. First, I need to call my mom and apologize for all the times I was bad and second, I already want another one. (Oh don’t look shocked, you all know how strange I am.) Will was put in the NICU because his blood sugar was higher than normal which they attributed to him being a big baby (8lbs 8oz, 22 inches long) and I have never felt worse in my life. I wasn’t all sad because he was in the NICU, no I felt so bad because there was my enormous, essentially healthy baby boy in a room full of teeny, tiny, truly sick babies. (I’m certain the other mothers wondered why the ginormous baby was even in there and I was a bit worried that I had somehow contributed to this by drinking gallons of sweet tea from Wendy’s while pregnant with him… oops!)

There are literally millions of wonderful things I could say about Will but I’ll just say this, if you gave me the chance to raise a thousand more just like him I wouldn’t even have to think about it before saying YES! Will has truly been a pleasure to raise and is a joy to know. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, when your kids become adults and you actually want to spend time with them, you are blessed beyond measure.

Happy birthday Will! Thanks for making parenting seem so easy that we did it again… twice!


Life Changing


There is no getting around it… the world is divided into two distinct people groups- those that LOVE sweets and those that don’t. I fall into that latter group. Now don’t misunderstand me, it’s not that I don’t like sweets it’s just that I prefer, you know, mashed potatoes or hash brown casserole when it comes to dessert. Well, until recently that is.

Having three boys who stay hungry, I have always kept my freezer stocked with ice cream. They all have their favorites: one tends to like plain, another likes anything coffee flavored and the last one loves mint chocolate chip. These days I try to stock up when they’re going to be home and I try to mix it up for them. On one of my recent trips to stock up, Mayfield was on sale so I tried some of the new flavors. One of them, as I told my Thursday night Bible study group, CHANGED MY LIFE! Oh my y’all, it is ah-maz-ing.

It’s a caramel flavored ice cream with salty caramel and chocolate covered pretzels called oddly enough Crunchy Caramel Pretzel. It is the perfect blend of salty with sweet which I think is why I have fallen in love with it. I mean, I may or may not have eaten a small cup this morning at 9:15 when I pulled the carton out to photograph it. There may have also been a conversation with Tim in which I was a bit short with him because not only did he eat some of what I lovingly call MY ice cream but he put it back in the fridge not the freezer (let’s just say he won’t make that mistake again since I reluctantly agreed to share if he would promise to always put it back in the freezer.) So if you haven’t given up sweets up for Lent, I suggest you head straight to the store to buy some. Be fore warned, this may kill your swimsuit diet but rest assured it will change your life for the better! And yes, you will thank me later.