Barney, You Rascal You


It happens every time I brush my teeth. Every time I wash my hands. Every time I am cleaning up the kitchen. Every time I wash out a paint brush. WITHOUT FAIL. What happens you may ask? I hear the kids from the PBS show Barney sing, “No! I never let the water run.” Even though no one in my house has watched that show in at least 15 years…15 YEARS! (welcome to my world people!)

In case you don’t know the song it goes something like this:

I’m brushing my teeth on the top. It’s so much fun I hate to stop. I’m brushing my teeth on the bottom, cause I wouldn’t wanna say that I forgot ‘em. While I’m brushing my teeth and having so much fun, I never let the water run. NO! I never let the water run.

Seriously, no kid ever heard this song and thought, “YES! It’s so much fun to brush my teeth.”

The first time I realized it was happening, I laughed then turned off the water as I continued to brush my teeth. But then I quickly realized that every time I turned on a faucet, I heard that song playing in my head and felt compelled to turn off the water. I began to wonder if it was some kind of Jedi mind trick that the genius creators of Barney created in the early 1990’s.

I am certain I heard the Water Song no less than one thousand times as my boys grew up. I was not a fan of Barney even though my boys loved it. We only allowed them to watch an hour of TV per day and since we didn’t have cable for many years, PBS was their only choice. Most mornings as soon as their feet hit the floor, they wanted to know if they got to watch Barney that day. Truth be told, I owe that dinosaur a lot of gratitude. After all, while they watched that silly show I knew I could get a lot done. Most days it was the only 30 minutes I had to myself to get showered and dressed. And as any mother of boys will tell you, boys rarely sit still and when they do, you better check on them because they are most likely making a mess. So to have a bit of time to myself everyday… knowing they were not making a mess. For that I could put up with the big purple dinosaur. Well played Barney, well played.


Holiday Invasion


Thanksgiving is almost here and there are a few things that I JUST know will happen. At some point the boys will start wrestling… in the den… all over the furniture… Tim will join in… someone will get hurt (probably Tim because he forgets he’s not 25 anymore… but don’t tell him I said that!) We will make plans as a family to do something but Luke will realize at the last minute he already has plans. Oops!! At some point the guitar, ukulele and harmonica will come out for an impromptu jam session. There will be a back porch session late one night where ALL the world’s problems will be solved. There will be at least one ball thrown … in the house… it will become a contest of some sort… something will get broken… the boys will put on their puppy dog faces to tell me how sorry they are… I’ll try to be mad but instead I’ll laugh… life will go on.

It’s always different when the boys come home for a holiday because they’ve been keeping their own schedule for months and it NEVER meshes with ours. Our morning starts around 7:00am… their morning starts about mid-afternoon. We go to bed the same day we got up… they don’t go to bed until early the next day. We eat at normal times… they just eat… and eat… and eat.

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t love every minute regardless of the chaos. I have simply learned that with these three boys of mine, life is NEVER going to go as planned so that is just what I plan on. Well, that and buying out the grocery store. Happy Thanksgiving Week Y’all!!!