The Great Pillow Crisis of 2014

So Tim had not been sleeping great on our mattress. And I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact our mattress and Tim are both old. In lieu of shelling out a small fortune on a new king sized mattress set, I did what every good wife does, I polled my friends. My Ansley mentioned that they inherited an “older” mattress set and in order to make it work for them, they went to the local warehouse store and got a mattress topper for around $100. People, that was right up my alley.

I moseyed along to our local warehouse store and found one for less than $110… go me!! Well mission accomplished, Tim swears he slept better that night than he had in years, so yay Tim! Me on the other hand slept worse than I have in years… yikes! After a few nights of really trying to convince Tim and myself that I was sleeping fine, I realized that it was my memory foam pillow coupled with my new memory foam mattress topper keeping me from sleeping. Well before I go any further, I have to tell you that I am THAT GIRL. You know the one who takes her pillow EVERYWHERE? No matter how stupid she looks in the lobby of the Ritz or St Regis holding her pillow in what she has just realized is a ratty, faded old pillow case. When I traveled for work, I packed my pillow before I packed my clothes. I didn’t care how I looked as long as I slept well. My pillow has yet to miss a girls trip, family vacation, wedding, or any other overnight I go on. So this is a really big deal that I now have to find a new pillow (to be honest, I’d rather go swimsuit shopping on NATIONAL TELEVISION!! It’s really, really bad people!)

The good news? We have approximately one hundred pillows spread amongst the beds in our house (ok, maybe there’s only sixteen and I don’t really know why I have 3 or 4 full size pillows on each of the boys beds but frankly right now I’m too tired to care.) I’m on about night six of trying and so far no luck. But I have hope. Either I will find the perfect pillow, or I will be so tired that I will cease to care. Who knows, maybe this is God’s way of breaking me of my pillow dependence… one way or the other something’s gonna give and chances are it won’t be Tim or the mattress topper.


Snow Globes and Such


One thing I know for sure- we all have struggles and times when it is not fun to be us. A while back, My Ansley (who has a one and three year old) was talking about how tough life felt and how exhausting it seemed. For some reason all I could think about was a snow globe. When you see them sitting on the shelf they look kind of blah. Sure they may have a pretty castle or scene in them but what’s so special about that? Now, turn a couple of four year olds loose and you see what all the fuss is about. Those wee beasties will pick up and shake each and every one of those snow globes over and over and over. Afterward, when you look at them you see a thing of rare and exquisite beauty. It mesmerizes you and you can hardly look away because just a few hundred pieces of glitter have made the ordinary look extraordinary. Life is like that sometimes, we look back and see that when it was all shaken up is when it was the absolute best.

Am I saying we should live in turmoil? NO! I’m simply saying that the times in our lives when the kids are little, the house is small, and the paycheck is just barely enough, tend to be some of the sweetest times I can remember. A Friday evening was spent watching the kids play in the yard, Saturday mornings brought the sport of the season (football/basketball/soccer/baseball) and all the fun that comes from watching kids run around with no idea what they are doing! Sunday mornings were for church and nothing is sweeter that hearing a five year old retelling Jonah and the whale. Sure there are meals to cook, laundry to wash and a bigger mess to clean. But friends those years last less than a fourth of your life! There will come a day when your house is painfully quiet and your refrigerator is sadly full. When you will look back at the photos of the chaos years and realize, yep, these were the best days.

What I’m simply trying to say people, is that life is a beautiful thing if you will only try to view the chaos as shiny pieces of sliver glitter swirling all around! After all, I promise you that you will laugh about it …. one day.