Happy New Year’s Eve Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve which is one of my favorite days of the year. Why? No pressure… nobody asks about my plans for the day or the night, football is on, no need to dress up and typically I’m enjoying my Christmas decorations knowing they are about to come down. Also, no one asks about my New Year’s resolution. Good thing too because I don’t make one any more.

Years ago my resolutions would either be exercise more, eat/drink better or get organized. I know, not very original and they typically didn’t pan out after more than a few weeks…at most. But like the rest of the free world, I know the beginning of a new year is a time for fresh starts, a reset button on your life if you will but I also think that brings way too much pressure. Why not just take the New Year and use it embrace who you are. Why must I be organized as long as I know where my stuff is? Who cares if my house looks slightly less than HGTV worthy? If I am content with my caffeine intake why should I feel pressure to change that? (hello… I don’t like the taste of water and going cold turkey drinking only water is not going to change that.) To me it all boils down to this: am I really doing it for the right reason if the only reason is that I feel like I’m supposed to??

Years ago I was telling my dad about someone who I didn’t think liked me. He then pretty much changed my life by saying, “Well Wendy, I’m sorry for them because you’re a pretty great person and they’re missing out.” Wow!! What dad made me realize was that I am who I am and there is no reason to change that… unless I want to.

But just to change things up, maybe I will give in to the pressure and make a New Year’s resolution this year. I resolve to stress less about things I have no control over and be more present in each and every moment. Or maybe I’ll resolve to read more books. Yeah! Let’s go with that last one… its one I’m sure I can keep!!



Today is December 27th. Could there be a less heralded day of the year? On the twenty-sixth you are still coming off the high of the twenty-fifth and if you are like me trying to clean up the mess. But on the twenty-seventh it’s like… nothing. Life should go back to normal but you don’t really want it to because one, you don’t want the holidays to be over and two, you don’t really want to begin the process of returning your life and home to normal…cause that’s a lot of work!! I mean you have to disassemble the tree, take down all the Christmas tchotchkes, begin to make a dent in the pile of laundry that has accrued and remember where all your old stuff goes. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it…which may be why I don’t want to actually do it!

Part of the problem for me is also knowing that before I blink the boys will be heading back to school and let’s be honest, there was just something fun about a house all decorated up for Christmas. When the decorations come down and the kids head back to school, all I am left with is January. January?!?! Other than a few family birthdays it’s got nothing. I mean sure there is MLK holiday on a Monday late in the month and that’s all great but it’s not like it’s a holiday where you get together as a family. It’s more like a holiday where you just take a break from doing nothing to do…. nothing. Plus, as we have discussed before, I like warm weather and sunshine neither of which is found in January.

But why rush things? In just four short days it will be New Year’s Eve and all kinds of great football begins. Also, this is the last year of the much maligned BCS and that in its self is a reason to celebrate. My boys are all still home for a few more days and now we have the time to stay up all night watching all those movies we keep saying we want to see. Plus, I also have a great excuse to crack open some of the hundreds of books on my shelves…after all it is still the holidays! So I’m publicly changing my mind… because December 27th just may be the BEST day of the year!! Now, biggest decision of the year- which to begin with book or movie?!?!?