The Boys of Winter?


As basketball season gets started, I realize how different our life has become. This time last year we were marking up the calendar with all of the basketball games in Matt’s senior season. You don’t realize with your first born how much you are going to miss not only them, but their activities when they are gone. So this year, I can’t help but be thankful that last year I didn’t miss a game.

You guys know I am a huge fan of football but I am also a big fan of high school basketball. Maybe it’s because all of my boys have played since they were little and two of them continued to play in high school, maybe it’s because we have a basketball court in our back yard and I adore seeing the boys and their friends play, maybe it’s because I was a basketball cheerleader all through my high school years and loved the fast pace of the game. Whatever it is, I know that there is nothing like the feel of a high school gym packed out with people waiting on the game to start. There is an energy and excitement that nothing else matches. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s inside… you know I hate the cold!

What I won’t miss is the stress! I just can’t help it, if I have a dog in the hunt I’m not a calm person. I get super excited and really love the intensity of a fast paced game but people, when one of my boys is on the team it is S T R E S S F U L!! Now, I can’t tell you what the team’s record was last year, but I know there were far too many close games. Games that were decided by last minute shots and overtime… knowing we would either be crazy happy or devastated the whole ride home. No, I won’t miss that part of the game.

What I will miss the most is the car ride home which consisted of good food (that had to be bad for us!) and great conversation. There is nothing like the residual energy after a game, win or lose. We’d be driving home from wherever and get to have some of the best talks ever. So this year as the season gets started I’ll be a bit sad knowing all the conversations that won’t take place and all the really good food that was oh so bad for us that won’t be eaten!! Taco Bell anyone??