The Ladder


There is a ladder in my dining room. Yep, it’s not scary that it is there… no, to me it is scary that I no longer even notice it. That means it has been there a while. Oops! You see I’m doing some painting and redecorating around the house therefore I just leave the ladder in our least used room so that I don’t have to drag it in from the garage every time I need it. (I know, pretty brilliant huh?!?!)

Back in December, we inherited a moving van full of beautiful antique furniture from my sweet mother-in-law and once I got it in our house I realized that our walls looked a bit…. shabby shall we say? Now some of them had been painted after we moved in back in 2005 but others… well I don’t think they have ever been painted other than the white builder grade paint used back when the house was built in the 1990’s. (Pretty bad huh?!?!) You know for a while, I could overlook it and “pretend” I was still deciding what color was the right color… yeah, that was fine for the first few years but after nine years it doesn’t really work so much anymore. So, inspired by the new furniture, I decided it was time.

I waited until January so that all the boys would be out of my hair… I mean back in school. (Hey, it’s rather difficult to paint around all the college stuff spread from room to room to room. Yes, it was all your stuff Luke.) Thus far I have gotten about a quarter of the house done. My hope is that by the next time all the boys are home in May it will be done… yeah, we’ll see how that works out.

So if the next time you see me out and about, it looks like I am REALLY getting gray, have no fear, my hair dye is still working just fine… it’s most likely paint.


50 Shades of Grey… and Then Some!


I’m looking for a grey paint color for my walls… and y’all there are WAY more than 50 shades of grey! Now, I am not one of those people who instantly see what colors go together in a room. Oh, I have several nieces who are just gifted in that way and wow can they put a room together! (Hint, hint) But what I am good at is seeing something I like and then being able to copy it. So I saw a photo showing a gorgeous den in a magazine with this really beautiful shade of grey on the walls and thought “YES! This is the color for me!” Easy enough right?!?!

I confidently walked into the paint store to quickly pick up a gallon of said grey paint and be on my way. I just knew I’d be in and out in minutes with the rest of the day to get my entire room painted. Yeah, that didn’t happen! I walked over to the paint chips to get the exact grey that I desired and ummmm…. well… there were more shades of grey than I could imagine! Blue grey, purple grey, green grey, aqua grey, pink grey, yellow grey, tan grey….. IMPOSSIBLE!! My confidence level went from 20 to 1 in less than a second. I grabbed a few paint chips but knew in my heart that none of them were my grey.

You know what I really like when decorating? Someone else to make all the decisions! Yes, I’m that girl… if offered a blind home makeover with no input from me, I would totally jump at the chance!! I think that is why I’ve never had the desire to build a house. TOO MANY DECISIONS! Now don’t get me wrong, I can make a decision but I like to choose from three maybe four things. Those are easy for me but when there are HUNDREDS of choices?!?! Yeah, I just walk away… which means that my walls? Yes, they are still white and it’s not looking good for them to change anytime soon…

Sprucing Up


It started out simple enough, I decided to paint the mantel black. Which I did. And it looks AMAZING!! (before and after pics to come for the two of you wanting to see it.) But then the wainscoting needed sprucing up… and that sounds easy enough since it’s white, until you realize there are more nooks and crannies than you can count! And did I mention that I have wainscoting in my den, kitchen, dining room and living room which all connect?!?!? Yeah… it may be taking a lot more time than I anticipated.

However I have learned that there is something almost therapeutic about painting. It is immediate gratification, peaceful and mind-less once you get going. You can put on great music or a wonderful podcast and just get lost. Of course there is also downside, my house looks like a construction bomb went off!! Since the wainscoting spreads across four rooms so does the mess. Oops! And I might should have picked a better time of year because with the cold and rain, I’m having to wait a bit between coats… of which it needs three… yes it could be worse and need four but it could be way better and only need one. (Of course I bought the guaranteed one coat paint… by they lied people, they LIED!!)

So the good news is that the next time you are at my house it will be looking fly! The bad news, we may have to wait until July before we can have people over.