A Baby Chimpanzee


No, you haven’t stumbled onto Pinterest. I just happened to get creative this past week. Now, you should know that I am not an interior decorator by any stretch of the imagination. My home décor is simply what I liked, was given or inherited (hey, I’ve set the bar low so future Reeve ladies can excel… you’re welcome!) I also had some free time Friday afternoon.

If I could build my dream home, the first requirement would be no walls just windows… I guess that means no close neighbors too! Anyway, I like LIGHT in my house. Lots and lots of light. Not nearly as particular about furniture, carpets, paint colors, etc. We have this HUGE window in our master bath above the soaking tub that was one of the things I loved about the house. However, when we moved in it was covered with a window shade that was either up or down. No opening to let a bit of light in. I HATED IT!! Mainly because again I like light but live in a neighborhood so we have to be careful of what is seen if you know what I mean!! After seven years of searching for something that would work without draining the kids college fund I came across this idea on Pinterest and for a grand total of $12.82 (price of two rolls of clear contact paper) I got exactly what I wanted. (I can tell I’ve BLOWN you mind… take a minute and just soak it in.)

All you do is cut out whatever shape you choose, then place, peel and stick. So easy a baby chimpanzee can do it!! Except I did have to take it all down, buy another roll, re-cut the design and re-do it because the first time I started on the side not the middle. Ooops! HINT: start in the middle and work towards the edges cause it looks better (there, I’ve just saved you $6.41- again you are welcome!) So maybe only a really bright baby chimpanzee can do it.

I know, I just changed your life didn’t I?