Where Did the Years Go?

Matt Birthday

It is crazy how I look at this 6’2” man and think of him as my baby! Unfortunately for him, that is how I will always think of him and today is his 19th birthday…. WHAT?!?! No, no, no, shouldn’t he still be 3 years old with his pudgy cheeks and sweet little smile?? What happened to the days when he would climb up in my lap, poke his thumb in his mouth and fall asleep? (Yeah, he may kill me for that!)

We realized about the time Matt was four that he would be our last child, so from them on I looked at everything he did with “last eyes” because I knew whatever it was, this would be the last time anyone in our family did this. Don’t get me wrong, some of those things I was shouting hallelujah that it was the last time!! Other things not so much. Now, Will and Luke will tell you that Matt is spoiled but let’s be honest, they are all three spoiled. (living the truth, people, living the truth!)

I retired right before Matt’s senior year in high school and it was the best decision I’d made in a long time. I enjoyed every second of every day that I go to be home with him. Matt is funny, caring, outgoing, handsome, smart, charismatic and loves Jesus. He is one of the best writers you’ll ever read and as his mom I should know! There is a crazy connection between the two of us that I will always cherish. Plus, he loves his mom as you can tell from the best mother’s day gift ever:


He’s one of the biggest blessings God has given me and I’ve loved every minute of being his mom. Happy Birthday Matt!!


What Do You Do All Day?

What do you do all day? I get asked that question more than you would think (ok, maybe you think it would be a question often asked, so I should say more than I would think.) It’s funny because when I worked no one ever asked me what I did all day. I guess because I had a boss, so they felt like if someone was telling me what to do, I was busy. I find it an interesting question and one that is hard to answer. You see I actually have a life. (SHOCKING huh?!?!) Just because my boys are in college (in three different states!) and my husband works full time there is still stuff to do.

I belong to two Bible study groups as a participant, one Bible study as a teacher and one prayer group. They are varied groups to be sure!! One is couples, one is older women, one is teen age girls and the other is peers. The most interesting part to me is the commonality across the groups. We are all at different stages in our lives yet we all have similar struggles. It is never dull y’all!

Also, my husband still likes to eat (WHAT?!?!) plus our clothes and house still need to be cleaned. Yes there is less laundry and mess but they both still have to be done. What you don’t realize too, is that once you are in your home all day you begin to notice all that has been left undone over the years. OOPS! I daily find rooms that need painting, furniture that needs sprucing up and closets that need cleaning out. Be honest, who doesn’t keep a running list of things that have to be done around the house??? Some days I wear myself out cleaning out a cabinet that no one will ever notice simply because it needs to be done.

So just to answer your question people, I have plenty to do all day every day. That doesn’t mean I do it… but it’s there waiting on me. And as soon as I finish this book I’m gonna go get started.

Coffee? Yes, PLEASE

I LOVE COFFEE. Love is not even a strong enough word for how I feel but it’s the best I got this early, people. Naturally my family loves it when I have coffee because as we discussed recently, I am NOT a morning person. They have learned that unless they see an empty cup beside me, tread lightly cause I’m still becoming human. I recently got this mug and it had to be MADE just for me:


(That’s my sweet daddy… y’all say hey!)

In case you can’t see it the mug says: ALL THE COFFEE IN THE WORLD WILL NOT MAKE ME A MORNING PERSON. (thanks Sandra!!) Now that is not entirely true, but it is pretty dag gum close. I grew up in a home with parents who have always ground their own coffee beans, no pre-ground mess in our house. They were coffee connoisseurs before Starbucks was even a thought, therefore not only do I love coffee, I love GOOD coffee.

Now I have been accused by some of drinking a little coffee with my cream but that is only because I grew up with real coffee that was strong, flavorful and needed just a little something to keep it from being too bitter… or it could just be that I found FLAVORED CREAMERS and what’s not to love about a little French vanilla, pumpkin spice or Cold-Stone real cream in your coffee??? Back in my working days, the first thing I did after I arrived every morning was make the coffee not because it was my job but because I like good, strong coffee. Control Freak? Probably but hey, I knew that I was way more likely to properly answer my emails with a mug of good coffee in my hands.

Since I’ve retired, coffee has become my own personal sanctuary. Every morning at 7:00am I start my coffee, turn on Good Morning America, and no matter what comes my way, it’s a good day friends!!