Oh the Places He’s Gone


Yes, he is still in France; yes, he cut off the curls; yes, he’s seeing the world and loving every minute of it; no, as of right now he hasn’t lost anything other than his phone and one credit card (that being nothing short of a small miracle people); yes, we hear from him often.

Sunday afternoon has become my favorite time of the week. Why you ask? Because that’s when Luke Facetime’s us to let us know how his week has been. (And can I just be honest? I want to be Luke when I grow up.) Every time he calls I am reminded of the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh the Places We’ll Go” because people, he has done some goin! I won’t bore you with the details but thus far he has been to Paris, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Amsterdam, Prague, Belgium, and I’m sure I’ve left some off. The places he has gone are great, but seeing him re-live those trips every Sunday when he tells us about them?? Priceless!! There are things we do for our children that bring us far more joy than it will ever bring them and that to me is the greatest part of parenting.
I’m thankful we can give him this opportunity but I won’t lie… I’m ready for him to get home. It’s one thing to have Will in Memphis and Matt in Greenville where I can always road trip but a whole other thing to have Luke a very long plane ride away. He’ll be home in just over thirty days and I have to tell you, people, I will be one happy mama.


It’s the Little Things in Life

It’s the little things in life people. We all know my love for coffee goes deep but then at Christmas, my sweet baby boy passed on some coffee that had been given to him by a friend. Now this was no ordinary coffee… no people it was SNICKERDOODLE flavored coffee!! I am not sure I can impress upon you how truly amazing this stuff is. It smells and tastes of the perfect mix of cinnamon, sugar and that warm buttery flavor of fresh baked cookies. But to top that off… you put just a little bit of Sweet Cream creamer in it and that’s it… I’m done… off to the land of bliss.

If you told me there would be something come along that would make me look forward to getting out of bed in the freezing cold, I would have laughed in your face. I am a well-documented non-morning person. (I’m pretty certain it’s even in the Library of Congress- Wendy Reeve: non-morning person) But I’ve found it and people, it is good stuff.

Bad news? Oh come on you knew life had to have a kink in it… this particular coffee came from out of state… way out of state. Like not even a border state of a border state. I can’t even drive there and get more… well I guess I could drive there… over a few days. Hmmmm… who’s up for a road trip??

Road Trip

Last week I set out on a six hour car trip with my best friend’s mother-in-law, who shall hence forth be called MIL (don’t you love it when you can legit use “hence forth”?) Now MIL is not only a super lovely lady but one of the kindest people I know. We were both traveling to Nashville from Augusta and we truly love each other, so why not travel together? Almost as soon as I agreed I began to panic… six hours, just the two of us, in a car, traveling through Atlanta which can only be described as a traffic nightmare, purgatory at best, the transportation pit of the world??? Yikes! You should know I’m not exactly the calmest person in the world when I’m surrounded by people who have no business driving much less owning a car. (Right?!? How DO some people get a license??) So I was really worried about maintaining my composure in front of MIL. This is when I learned something REALLY important about myself… I’m not comfortable with silence.

Well, I really should clarify that statement. I’m not comfortable with silence when someone else is around. When I’m traveling by myself, I LOVE silence in the car. Sure I sometimes sing along to the radio or listen to pod casts, but my favorite is riding in total silence so I can enjoy the fact no one is calling my name or asking me to do anything (I’m sure this is somehow a byproduct of the 20+ years spent traveling with three boys… well four if you include my husband who was the biggest trouble maker!) Yeah, I can do silence and enjoy every second of it … when I’m ALONE.

Unfortunately, as MIL and I traveled along I realized that she is TOTALLY comfortable in silence. TOTALLY COMFORTABLE IN SILENCE! But me? I just couldn’t do it. I kept thinking “is she waiting for me to talk? Oh no, does she think I’m driving to fast? Should I just start talking to distract her from how dirty my car is?” (somehow I never notice dirt until someone else is around) I was losing it in my head. So I did what any self-respecting woman would do- I BABBLED.  Oh I’m certain that she now thinks I’m a blathering idiot because I rarely shut up the entire trip. Now a part of me is quite impressed with myself that I thought of enough things to talk about for six hours while another part of me is mortified that I RATTLED ON and ON and ON and ON for six hours. I’m telling you people, my throat was as sore as if I’d spent hours cheering on my favorite team in the championship game. I could barely talk when we arrived in Nashville but arrive we did.

This is when my sweet friend became ever dearer to me. She looked at me a calmly said, “You rattled on and on the whole trip didn’t you?’ I shamefully nodded yes and she said, “yeah, I knew you would.” People, this is why we are friends. She knows me and yet she still loves me. Here’s to great friends, road trips and sore throats.