Put It In On Your Calendar

This morning, my peeps on GMA told me about a new wall calendar that features the NYC Taxi drivers poking fun at the traditional beef cake calendar. This got me to thinking, when was the last time I bought or even used a wall calendar? In the days of yore (which was the 1980’s) I remember how excited I was to go to the store and pick out a calendar for the New Year. Desk calendar? Wall calendar? Pocket calendar? Which would it be? So many choices and yet I could only pick one. But the last time I purchased a calendar of any type I’m quite certain that the “Rachel” was the must have hairstyle.

The choices were endless back then, would it be a funny calendar that you tear off day by day (The Far Side anyone????) or maybe it’d be a beautiful botanical calendar that hung on my kitchen wall keeping the flowers alive all year (something I struggled to do for even a few weeks… no doubt I have a black thumb) or if I was once again feeling the desire to be organized, it’d be a trendy printed pocket planner to keep in my purse and write down all the family’s upcoming events with a super cute colored pen (this lasted until maybe February…)

Now I walk into the local bookstore and find shelf after shelf of calendars… on sale. It seems I’m not the only one who has forgotten her former best friend and keeper of all things to-do, the calendar. So when did I stop using physical calendars?? I’ve decided it must have been when my life morphed to the wonderful world of computers. Along with email came the Outlook calendar which not only let me keep up with my appointments, but also let me shoot Tim an email so he could keep up with where I was… GENIUS PEOPLE!!! Now that same calendar is always with me via the cell phone… well not the same calendar, because unlike a paper calendar, I can’t write my appointments with a really cool pen in a super cute color. Nope, I’m limited to a basic black font that, truth be told, is less than exciting. Maybe that is why every time I see a display of calendars, I wander over, pick one up and begin to dream of all the fabulously fun things I could put in it using my flawless handwriting and multi colored pen set… hey, a girl can dream right?


Shopping… yay….


I’m not a black Friday shopper. Heck, I’m not a shopper period… well not anymore. I grew up shopping for deals with my parents and my dad could put any shopper to shame. He never got tired in his pursuit of a really great deal. However, for many years my job included shopping and needless to say it’s no longer fun or even enjoyable. (There is nothing like having to do something for a living that takes all the fun out huh?!?)

But my boys are their grandfather’s grandsons!! They don’t get home often so when they come home they bring with them a list of clothes they “need.” Now I admit, I’m partially responsible because last year the oldest needed a new suit for his grad school interview, so on black Friday we headed to the stores and loaded up for very little money. They could not believe how much stuff we got for so little. So this year, they let me know early they wanted to go shopping… today… black Friday. (Yay! she said with absolutely no enthusiasm…..)

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being with my boys but I do hate the obnoxiously large crowds and non-existent parking. (People, there is nothing I am willing to fight for!)So we compromise… going after lunch when the crowds have all but died and there may actually be a parking spot… within two miles of the store. So, this afternoon when you’re counting your black Friday savings or having a late leftover turkey lunch, I’ll be at the mall… with my favorite men. Hopefully, I can at least get an ice cream out of it….