Book Buying Ban


We’ve discussed that I have a problem, a serious BOOK problem. Well, apparently it is worse than we thought. I realized last Wednesday that I bought a book that was already on my bookshelf. No big deal you say? Well if I told you how many times this has happened in just the last year, you would agree with me that I do indeed have a BIG PROBLEM.

So I’ve decided how to punish myself…. I mean solve this problem. For the next 365 days I’m imposing a Book Buying Ban on myself. I am not allowed to purchase a single book. Nope, not a one unless I read every book in my house first. What you think that sounds easy? Sure for most people but you have to remember I have a wall of bookcases in my living room and it is FILLED with books that I have not read. Plus there may or may not be another rather large bookcase in the bonus room that is half full of books that are unread by me. Ooops!!

I’m going to allow myself to get books as gifts (generous of me don’t you think??) but I’m even going to put a hiatus on library books (lots of books to read!!) It’s a little bit scary because the book of the century may come out any day now and I’ll be dying to read it but this is my final decision, no purchasing books even if they are on sale or used. YIKES! This may be difficult but I can always add to my “books to buy” list and go on a HUGE buying spree next November… please tell me books go on sale for black Friday?!?!?!?