Black Monday

An oldie but a goodie...

An oldie but a goodie…

It’s a REALLY sad day in my house…one I dread for months. No, it’s not the day the boys go back to school it is WAY worse. It’s the very last College football game for seven months. WHAT?!?! Now it’s true, I have plenty in my life to keep me occupied. But why does college football have to end just when the weather gets so cold, grey and windy? At least during the spring and summer, we have the sunshine and being outdoors to keep us occupied but winter? Yeah, nothing.

It’s funny because by this point in the year Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and David Pollack feel like family we’ve spent so much time together!! And yes, like any family, we have had our differences (especially with you Herbbie! Don’t act like you didn’t pick against me on purpose…I know you did.) But as I’ve told you before my TV practically turns itself on for College Game Day every Saturday morning. I admit I don’t sit down and watch every second but it’s perfect for me as I prepare our game day noshes. It’s like my own game day ritual only I get to stay warm/cool and then enjoy a seat on the fifty yard line for every game.

So I will just endeavor to enjoy tonight’s game to the fullest. We’ll have our classic game day foods, we’ll all be in our spots and, if our luck holds, it will be a good, close game. (Yeah, when you don’t have a dog in the hunt a close game is WAY more fun… sorry Auburn & Florida State fans.) Just make sure you don’t call me early in the morning… because not only will I be tired from staying up so late because of the five overtimes (my blog, my dream) but I can promise I’ll also be in a mood so bad it make take more than two cups of coffee. Yes, I eventually get over the fact that the college football season is over… but people, let’s keep it real… it’s going to take a while!


What I Love About Fall

We all have our reasons for loving fall. My reason? College football oh how I love you!! I am not a die-hard fan of any one team in particular although my heart typically lies with southern colleges. The same cannot be said of part of my family. My oldest, a Georgia Tech grad, truly bleeds the crimson of Alabama mixed equally with the gold and green of Notre Dame (Yes the national championship game of 2013 was simultaneously the highest high and lowest low for him!) My youngest, currently at Furman, is a Georgia BullDawg through and through riding the roller coaster of big wins and close losses. Then there is my husband, middle son and me. We can only be described as being of an entirely different breed, we are simply HUGE fans of all division one college football. While we tend to lean one way or the other in every game, our “loyalty” can change from week to week depending on the matchup. You see we are unique in that we never felt the need to pick just one team.

Now I realize I lost some of you when you read “football” but when you are the mother of 3 boys and married to a former high school athletic director/coach, football in the fall is just what you do. For more years than I can remember, every Saturday morning from late August until mid-January started with all of us in the Reeve family hurrying to get our chores done so that at 10:00am on the nose, we could be sitting in our chosen spot in the den ready to watch ESPN College Game Day. That was the start of 12+ hours of football if we were lucky enough to have a full schedule of games that day. We’d spend time with our Saturday Augusta Chronicle Sports section carefully mapping out which games we would watch and what channels they were on. There was always creative channel changing and commercial juggling to get in all the big games. We’d find ourselves on different sides of the field some games and those were some of the best games to watch because our pride was on the line!! (and yes, there were days I felt a medal was in order for keeping the peace. Nobel Peace Prize Committee feel free to call)

These days the boys all reside in different states during the school year and the one thing I can count on is tons of messages flying back and forth during the games. Who doesn’t love group messages for all the smack talk?!?! I miss watching the games with a full house but then I console myself by thinking of all the money I save because they now buy their own snacks. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some football to watch. I plan to fully enjoy every second of every game from now until the BCS Championship game after which I shall begin the countdown to the 2014 season.