Then I Met The General…

Col Robert & Ellen Edmonson; Jeannine and Walter Wilson with Tim and I;

Top: Robert & Ellen Edmonson; Bottom: Jeannine and Walter Wilson with Tim and I;

So I was talking with the General… you know General Patterson at Fort Gordon. Oh you don’t know him?? Well, I didn’t either until Sunday. Our dear friends Robert and Ellen Edmonson (Colonel Robert Edmonson that is!) had a New Year’s party on Sunday afternoon and gracious invited us along with another couple to be a part of a time honored military tradition where Robert entertained all the officers he commands. Now you guys may not know this, but that was a huge deal because we were the only non-military couples there. WHAT?!?!?! (yes, once again it is good to be me.)

You know I love to read but you may not know I also love to learn about new things and the military world is definitely new to me. It is so fascinating to see inside that world because of all the traditions and protocols that I find totally foreign. When you are invited to a military get together, if the invite says 1:00, your bottom better be standing at the door at one minute til. Not like the civilian world where if you’re on time you’re too early (which by the way is a pet peeve of mine… if I ask you to be here at 1:00, be here at 1:00, K?) It was fascinating to learn what all the medals and ribbons on their uniforms meant. Y’all, I’m so thankful these men and women volunteer to defend our country (yes, never forget they VOLUNTEERED.) I looked around that room many times and was almost overwhelmed with thankfulness at what these people were willing to do for me and you.

The party was in full swing when Robert walked over and said, “Want to meet the General?” Uh, YES PLEASE!! I mean, didn’t the General want to meet me?!? (I kid, I kid!) Tim and I followed him into the other room where he introduced us to General Patterson. Naturally, he was extremely kind and seemed truly interested in us and our family. I was impressed with everything about him especially the way he truly engaged in the conversation we were having. (I would tell you what we talked about but then I’d have to kill you…)

People, there is a reason we have such a stellar military. If you knew Robert and the other fine men and women we met Sunday, you would realize that we are being defended by some of the most incredible people in the world. (And don’t forget their spouses who also sacrifice greatly for us.) So, the next time you see someone in uniform, don’t forget to thank them for all they do. You can also tell them General Patterson’s friend Wendy says hello!!


Freedom Isn’t Free


(me and my sweet daddy)

Today is Veteran’s Day. A day we say THANK YOU to everyone who has fought to keep this land ours, fought to keep this country a democracy, fought to keep America truly the land of the free and home of the brave.

I am blessed to come from a long line of veterans: my dad, Greg Weber, served in Vietnam; my father-in-law, Tom Reeve, served in WWII; my maternal grandfather, Cecil Boatright, served in WWII; my paternal grandfather, Art Weber served in WWII; my great-uncle, Jerry Hall, served in Vietnam and was career military; my cousin, Chad Harper, served in Operation Desert Storm. I have to include my dear friend, Col. Robert Edmonson, who served in Operation Enduring Freedom, is currently serving as commander of the 35th Signal Brigade at Fort Gordon and who, along with his beautiful wife Ellen, have allowed me to see what military service really looks like.

As the mother of three sons, I am grateful to these men not only for what they did for our country, but also what they have done as role models for my boys. My sons’ heritage is filled with men who know what it means to sacrifice, who do not take freedom for granted and who embody service over self.

My sincerest thanks to every soldier, male or female, along with their families who have served or is currently serving our country. After talking with one of these veteran’s in our family recently, my son looked at me and said, “Mom, just being in his presence makes me want to be a better man.” I think that says it all.