My Hobby Lobby Obsession

Once again I was late to the party! I am certain I am the last person on the entire earth to discover…Hobby Lobby. This past weekend in Nashville, my Ansley was telling me about all the great fabric Hobby Lobby carries when I told her that I had never been… even though I have one two minutes from my house. I though she was going to pass out… she was appalled! You see I knew that I was not into building model airplanes or those ship-in-a-bottle thingies, so I though why go to a store full of that kind of stuff, right??? WRONG!! They are WAY more than that. WHO KNEW?!?! (everyone but me apparently.)

I have to admit I went a bit grudgingly, after all Ans insisted that I go and she even wanted live texting so that she could enjoy it with me… I’m thinking to myself, “Ans, you really need to get a life.” So I put it off as long as I could and yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and just get it over with… an hour and a half later I finally left hoping to go back again today!!! I mean seriously people, I could have stayed all day.

You all know that after being a retail buyer for years, I am not a shopper. My thoughts are get in, get what you came for and get out. So I set aside fifteen minutes to go in to look at the fabric and possibly find a birthday gift for a friend… well, I spent fifteen minutes looking at the candle aisle alone. If you can think of it, they have it! From candles to fabric to home goods to knick knacks to wall décor. Y’all I found myself trying to figure out which room I could redecorate with a nautical theme so that I could buy this adorable life boat bookcase (cause I need another bookcase, right?!?!) It was then that I realized I needed to WALK AWAY. Hobby Lobby you are my new favorite obsession store but I realized that I need to restrain myself and only purchase what I can actually use…unfortunately, the adorable life boat bookcase may not be making the cut.


Happy Birthday Jesus!


I love getting Christmas cards, especially photo Christmas cards. Even though I’m not a card sender, there are still a lot of people in this world who love me and my family anyway (who knew?!?!) Oh I say I’m going to send cards every year but then I take a thousand photos of the boys and the BEST one looks like the photo this:


I know, one looks ok but the other two… in spite of what they say, would be mad at me and probably not give me a Christmas gift. (and who takes their Christmas card photo in a restaurant?? Yes, the ridicule would never end…)

Every day from Thanksgiving on, I look forward to getting the mail in spite of the bills because it usually contains a Christmas card or ten. When sorting the mail I put the cards off to one side and open them last so that I can savor them. The very best part of the cards we get is watching the families expand and seeing the kids as they grow up. We have begun to get cards from children who we saw grow up that now have children of their own. We have so many friends that we haven’t seen in years who still remember us every year with a Christmas card. In spite of my lack of planning, these people who we have known forever, still think fondly enough of us to send us their smiles.

So on this day that we celebrate the most important birthday ever in the world, I wanted to share with you what I would say in my Christmas card to everyone this year:

For to us a child is born,

to us a son is given,

and the government will be on his shoulders.

And he will be called

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us!

Shopping… yay….


I’m not a black Friday shopper. Heck, I’m not a shopper period… well not anymore. I grew up shopping for deals with my parents and my dad could put any shopper to shame. He never got tired in his pursuit of a really great deal. However, for many years my job included shopping and needless to say it’s no longer fun or even enjoyable. (There is nothing like having to do something for a living that takes all the fun out huh?!?)

But my boys are their grandfather’s grandsons!! They don’t get home often so when they come home they bring with them a list of clothes they “need.” Now I admit, I’m partially responsible because last year the oldest needed a new suit for his grad school interview, so on black Friday we headed to the stores and loaded up for very little money. They could not believe how much stuff we got for so little. So this year, they let me know early they wanted to go shopping… today… black Friday. (Yay! she said with absolutely no enthusiasm…..)

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being with my boys but I do hate the obnoxiously large crowds and non-existent parking. (People, there is nothing I am willing to fight for!)So we compromise… going after lunch when the crowds have all but died and there may actually be a parking spot… within two miles of the store. So, this afternoon when you’re counting your black Friday savings or having a late leftover turkey lunch, I’ll be at the mall… with my favorite men. Hopefully, I can at least get an ice cream out of it….

They’re Not Pants


I’m constantly amazed by the females in this world who think leggings are pants. Just to clear this up people, leggings are not pants. I’m not sure who told these ladies they are pants but they have been seriously misled! I’m perfectly fine for you to workout in these pants or even wear them in the privacy of your own home but at the grocery store? Really? I’m buying food…

Now there is no problem with wearing leggings if your top comes well below your read end. That is how leggings were intended to be worn (don’t argue with me, remember I had a very lucrative career in fashion design.) Long sweaters, tunics, butt-covering tops… yep, all good with leggings. But when you walk out of your house with a short top over your leggings, I have no choice but to assume that either you don’t have a mirror or you have no friends or you were accosted and your long shirt was stolen (stick ‘em up and give me your long top!) Not only do I not want to see every contour of your crotch but when you bend over to get the 24 pack of toilet paper and I can tell you are wearing a blue thong… Houston, there is a problem!!

Maybe it’s because I’m the mother of boys that I am more sensitive to this issue. Or it could because I want the girls in my Bible study to know that dressing modest is hottest. But what it really boils down to for me, is the realization that too many women just don’t have anyone in their life willing to tell them truth… so that leaves me. LADIES, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! Cover your bum and the world will thank you. Whew!! My job here is done…