Bonjour Mon Amie!


So I’m driving on the interstate and my phone rings. It’s Luke… on FaceTime… from France… and I talked with him for over fifteen minutes as I continued to drive…WHAT?!?!? (good thing Tim bought me a dash mount holder for my phone, thanks again honey!) But seriously, how crazy is the technology in our world today? If you told me 10 years ago that I would be able to video chat with my son while he was in France, I’d have laughed in your face. If you told me I could do that while driving down the road I would have felt sorry for you because you were obviously delusional!!

You guys know how hard it was for me to send this child off on his own half way around the world, but technology has certainly made it easier. Even though his iPhone was stolen the second week (raise your hand if that surprises you… yeah, didn’t surprise me either) we can still iMessage and FaceTime thanks to his Mac. (Yay Apple!) His schedule this semester is really brutal… not! He only has class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leaving Thursday to Sunday for him and his friends to travel. He’s gotten in the habit of FaceTiming with us on Sunday afternoons when he gets back form wherever he’s been that week. It has been wonderful to hear the stories and learn about what he experienced while everything is still fresh on his mind. So cool!

Technology can be a nightmare but it can also be a Mom’s best friend. I love hearing about his adventures… especially AFTER he is back safe and sound!


My iPhone Has Ruined Me

Oh it didn’t happen all at once, it changed bit by bit without me even realizing it. I can’t begin to count how many times I have hit the spacebar on my laptop twice expecting to see a period appear. Hasn’t happened yet. I also expect my computer to auto-correct my typos like my phone does. Nope, that’s not gonna happen either. When I hear certain noises or think I feel a vibration, I grab my phone like it’s on fire. I am hard pressed to travel anywhere without my phone. I mean, I know where my sons live, but am not quite sure of where to turn unless my phone tells me. When you let someone constantly tell you where to go, you don’t ever quite learn the actual route… oops!! Email, text, internet, social media, games, GPS… all from one little phone. I now realize that I may have allowed my phone to become too big a part of my life.

I remember just a few short years ago when I didn’t even have a cell phone. I was one of the last hold-outs because y’all, I hate talking on the phone, so why would I carry one around with me??? I finally allowed hubby to get me one and realized that it was great… for texting! I mean, change your life when you can contact someone and get your message across without ever having to have a conversation. YES PLEASE!! But there were side effects, it was like Pavlov’s dogs, every time you hear that sound you grab your phone to see who, what, where. I mean craziness found my life people. It was like I was addicted to a sound… are you kidding me? Who knew a sound could take over your life. But people IT DID.

Oh there are great things about a cell phone, like being able to facetime with my boys whenever and wherever. Having the Bible always handy in a thousand different versions. The constant conversation I have going with my Ansley. Being able to evaluate the Miss American contestants in real time with my mom. And on, and on, and on. But when I sit in a room full of people and watch someone JUMP up to run grab their phone every time they hear a sound, I cannot help but think how far we’ve come (sarcasm people, sarcasm!) I mean we are so connected to people with our phones that we can’t fully connect when we are actually together in person.

So I’ve decided to put my phone down and not pick it up again………… until it rings, vibrates or buzzes that is. Cause who am I kidding? I’m addicted to technology just like everyone else and I’m not afraid to admit it. Now, you’ll have to excuse me while I go check my phone.