My Biggest Mistext…


Tim and Thad in their twin shorts.

You know how something happens and you laugh until you almost cry then years pass before you think about it again but it makes you laugh all over?? No? That’s just me….bummer. Any who, years back I was in New York on a business trip with one of my bosses walking from one appointment to another when we saw an interesting advertisement for a new show. We got to laughing about it when he said I should take a photo and send it to my hubby to let him know I was thinking about him. So I snapped a photo of the advertisement for what was at the time a new HBO show which was just a tad suggestive and put “thinking of you” and promptly sent it off to my sweet husband. And then crickets….I heard NOTHING. It was a bit disappointing since I’d been out of town for almost a week but we were flying home on the late flight that night so I kind of assumed we’d just laugh about it later. Little did I know…

Around 10:00pm that night, Mark and I are standing at the luggage carrousel in the Atlanta airport with about five hundred of our closest friends and we’re so tired we’ve gotten to the point when everything is funny. My phone goes off and it’s a text from a guy who we work with saying “Ummm, thanks I guess??” I show it to Mark and at the same time we both notice the text I sent him earlier… instead of selecting “TIM” in my contacts I had selected the contact right above his which just happened to be “THAD”!!! So this sweet fellow I worked with got a text from me saying I was thinking of HIM when I saw the advertisement for the new HBO show…. “HUNG”!!! I could have died from embarrassment! We started laughing so loud I thought we were going to get asked to leave the baggage claim area and we simply could not stop. We could not even talk and it took me a good ten minutes to text my apologies and explanation back to Thad. Needless to say we all had a great laugh about it especially my husband when I told him. It also may me way more careful about double checking who I am actually sending my texts too.


Pulling Tim into the Smart Phone World


We were out of town this weekend visiting family since my two stateside boys are on spring break. Somehow the conversation turned to cell phones and we realized how short of a time they have been in our lives. Tim got his first BAG PHONE back in the late nineties and not only did it weigh 100 lbs but it was difficult to get service. Also, it was only for dire emergencies… we would never have used it to just chat. Just like today… NOT!!

My first cell phone was a small white flip phone and I really did not want it or any other phone. (We’ve discussed how much I abhor talking on the phone, WHY would I want one with me constantly?!?!) But Tim, who seriously likes talking on the phone, surprised me with one around 2005 and now like the rest of the world I panic if I leave the house without it. Times have changed and as a whole, we rarely use our phones just to call people. The best cell advice I was ever given was from a friend who also has three sons a few years older than mine. Leigh told me to get unlimited texting for everyone in the family. She explained that boys will text a hundred times more than they call. BEST ADVICE EVER!! Because my boys text a million times more than they call… they are their mother’s sons after all!

We’ve all come a long way in my family with everyone in our family having a smart phone… well, except for Tim. He still has an old fashioned phone and now he’s the one kicking and screaming not to enter the smart phone world… not because of principle mind you, no with Tim it is purely an economic decision. But he’s softening. His coworkers harass him endlessly because he’s the only person in his entire high school without a smart phone (well, maybe I exaggerate just a bit…I think there is one ninth grader without one) and now that Luke can Facetime me from Europe and Will can Facetime me from Memphis anytime they want he’s almost ready to jump on board. Yep, nothing like your kids to force you into spending more money…

Leave a Message After the Beep


If you have known me longer than a week, you know I am not a fan of talking on the phone. Not sure why, but I would much rather text/email/write you a letter/send up smoke signals than have a conversation on the phone. Part of it is the fact that I just don’t hear well on the phone and part of it is I can’t stand it when people call and talk for an hour saying NOTHING AT ALL… just babbling!!  

I’ve noticed that this type of conversation usually happens when people are in the car and have nothing else to do, so to entertain themselves they call me. I know I should be flattered they feel like I have enough interesting stuff to say that I can make their trip pass effortlessly but I’m just not ready for that kind of pressure people! I mean what if I let them down? What if I fail to be interesting? What if I repeat one of my stories? Well, then my entire reputation is ruined and I’d have nothing left but my cats (no, I don’t have cats but that what I’d have to do … get cats!)

So if you need me, you can call me. But the chances of me answering are pretty slim… however, don’t worry… all you have to do is leave a message after the beep and I’ll text you right back! Just living the truth here people, just living the truth.

My iPhone Has Ruined Me

Oh it didn’t happen all at once, it changed bit by bit without me even realizing it. I can’t begin to count how many times I have hit the spacebar on my laptop twice expecting to see a period appear. Hasn’t happened yet. I also expect my computer to auto-correct my typos like my phone does. Nope, that’s not gonna happen either. When I hear certain noises or think I feel a vibration, I grab my phone like it’s on fire. I am hard pressed to travel anywhere without my phone. I mean, I know where my sons live, but am not quite sure of where to turn unless my phone tells me. When you let someone constantly tell you where to go, you don’t ever quite learn the actual route… oops!! Email, text, internet, social media, games, GPS… all from one little phone. I now realize that I may have allowed my phone to become too big a part of my life.

I remember just a few short years ago when I didn’t even have a cell phone. I was one of the last hold-outs because y’all, I hate talking on the phone, so why would I carry one around with me??? I finally allowed hubby to get me one and realized that it was great… for texting! I mean, change your life when you can contact someone and get your message across without ever having to have a conversation. YES PLEASE!! But there were side effects, it was like Pavlov’s dogs, every time you hear that sound you grab your phone to see who, what, where. I mean craziness found my life people. It was like I was addicted to a sound… are you kidding me? Who knew a sound could take over your life. But people IT DID.

Oh there are great things about a cell phone, like being able to facetime with my boys whenever and wherever. Having the Bible always handy in a thousand different versions. The constant conversation I have going with my Ansley. Being able to evaluate the Miss American contestants in real time with my mom. And on, and on, and on. But when I sit in a room full of people and watch someone JUMP up to run grab their phone every time they hear a sound, I cannot help but think how far we’ve come (sarcasm people, sarcasm!) I mean we are so connected to people with our phones that we can’t fully connect when we are actually together in person.

So I’ve decided to put my phone down and not pick it up again………… until it rings, vibrates or buzzes that is. Cause who am I kidding? I’m addicted to technology just like everyone else and I’m not afraid to admit it. Now, you’ll have to excuse me while I go check my phone.