Yes Sir, He’s My Baby


Man this global warming is really getting bad. We’re expecting our second winter storm in less than three weeks here in the Deep South. Last time it didn’t quite go as planned and blasted an un-expecting Atlanta area while it barely hit here in Augusta. Frankly it was disappointing! If they’re going to cancel school, I’m at least hoping for beautiful white yard… lasting longer than 10:00am.

Anyway, this time looks real and they’re saying ICE! So I did what any good southern wife does… I immediately made a to-do list for my husband. (What?!?! You thought I went to the grocery store? No, I already have Funyuns, cheese dip, guacamole, tortilla chips and ice cream… we’re set there.) You see I learn from mistakes. They closed the schools last time FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS and with hubby being an administrator in our local high school, naturally he was home… with NOTHING to do. Remember this is the guy who has wheels on his butt. He has to have something to do. I on the other hand am perfectly content to sit down and read… for hours… and hours… and hours. Tim can’t even sit down and just watch TV. If he is watching TV he is also answering email, surfing the web and who knows what else! So to say these two days were a strain on our marriage is putting it, ummmm…. mildly.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. So this time I’m prepared. I’ve put together an extensive list of all the closets that need organizing, knives that need sharpening and things that need deep cleaning. I’ve even thought of a few things I’d like built… just in case. Yep, this girl does one thing well, she learn from her mistakes. I dearly love my husband and I want nothing more than for him to be happy….so another big bad winter storm? Bring it on… this time my list is ready!!


Finally Friday


Before we get started, lets take a moment to appreciate how handsome Harry Connick Jr is… almost as handsome as my husband. (You see how I did that?!?! Watch and learn people, watch and learn!)

Some days you just have nothing to say. I sat down to write this morning and cannot even get one solid thought to come… well other than the things that I may or may not need to do. Like, did I put the clothes from the washing machine into the dryer? Where did I put Tim’s jacket? Have I taken the boys tuxedos to the cleaners? Do I have enough time today to paint the rest of the wainscoting? Better yet, do I have time to watch the episode of American Idol I missed? You know, just the normal day to day stuff.

And speaking of American Idol, I have to say Harry Connick Jr has ALWAYS been one of my favorite people. He can sing, he can act but most of all he is smart and witty without being mean. (plus he is not bad to look at… not bad at all.) I remember a few seasons back when he was a mentor on the show and I thought gosh I wish he was a judge cause I’d like to hear/see him every week. Well people, dreams… they really do come true!!

So to recap, I don’t have much to say today other than I’m excited Harry is a judge on Idol and I just realized that Monday is a holiday… my life just keeps getting better and better. Yes, it is good to be me… happy weekend friends!