Then I Found This…

And then I found this:

I attended a Women’s event at my church recently with my friend Jan. I had such a nice time being with girls! I really enjoyed the talk that Wendy gave. It was on what is important when everything is important. It is so funny how in the blink of an eye, the things that are important in your life change. I found her speech very encouraging and uplifting and when I realized I knew one of her children and what a delight he was…I knew that she truly knew what she was talking about.”

Tara Salley Update August 19, 2009

I don’t even know what to say. I remember being asked to speak at this event at my church. It was to be the first Girls Night Out and they wanted me to talk. I said sure and thought “I’m certain I can come up with something to say to the 15 to 20 women who will be there.” Then I arrived and there were 200 women …. seriously there were 200 women! I wanted to ask “Do you people not have a life? It’s a Thursday night in July and you have nothing better to do? You know me, why would you want to hear me speak?” I got through it just fine because y’all, I like to talk and can pretty much talk about anything especially my love for Jesus! Of course later as I left I was thinking that it was a complete wreck! Did I touch on everything I wanted to? Did I talk too fast? Was there food in my teeth? Did I speak clearly? Was it enough of a funny/informative balance? And the worst, did it even make sense?

Then four years later I find this in old emails I got caught up in (don’t judge, you know it’s happened to you before) and you realize “I did nothing, God did everything.”  That is the truth- then, now, forever. How funny we are when we think we actually do something for God. HA! It’s finding nuggets like this that remind me I am but a speck of dust (I like to think a speck of dust that communicates well, but a speck of dust no less!!) Why do we even try to do things ourselves when God is sitting there waiting…. simply waiting for us to remember not only does He have this, but it’s going to be REALLY good if we just get out of the way.

Tara, thank you for writing this and hearing not what I had to say but what God wanted you to hear. And my sweet friend Carol Spires, thanks for passing this on.

I Dropped My Basket

Athens Wedding

Not sure where I first heard this phrase but boy did is it spot on! The boys were coming in for winter break, all of us headed to a holiday family wedding in Athens, then on to visit family in Carrollton, Christmas was only days away, lastly sending Luke off to France for four months. (We all see where this is headed don’t we?!?!) I don’t even remember where in midst of all this it happened but at some point I… just… lost… it. You know the kind of losing it where you are staring at yourself from outside your body thinking “whoa… that chick is INSANE!” and then you suddenly realize that chick is you… it’s not pretty people, not pretty at all.

You should know that while I’m not a type A personality who has to pack six weeks in advance, I do think if you are leaving the country for four months it is important to begin thinking about what to pack at least five days out. Now hubby would say you need to be packed at least ten days out… this may or may not have contributed to the basket drop. Just sayin. Anyway, Luke really did think it would be fine to wait until the day before he left to begin organizing his stuff. I mean it will wash and pack itself and it’s not like airlines have a weight or bag limit, right?!? (yes that was my sarcasm font right there!) So between all the disorganization, travel woes, holiday preparations and the emotions of sending off part of my heart to France, I had my basket dropping moment. BAM!! It was on the floor and everything was just rolling all over the place.

But the good news is I think when my head spun around for the third time, Luke realized that maybe we were serious about getting things done ASAP. After that I was fine… poor Tim may never be the same again but hey, we all have our moments… sometimes I just can’t hide my crazy. Living the truth people, just living the truth.

We Sit In A Circle


(Painting by Joan Breckwoldt)

We sit in a circle. The circle changes from week to week but for the most part it’s the same group. Some weeks there are tears, some weeks there is laughter, every week there is acceptance. We are as different as women can be on the outside. We go to different churches, our kids are in different schools, our ages are as varied as our incomes but we always find common ground in Christ. Everything from issues with kids to marital questions to how do I find myself in all the chaos. I LOVE the fact that this group has gotten to know me, and loves me anyway! Can I get an AMEN?!?!?

You would think when you put this many women in a room, there would be at least one cat fight every now and then… especially considering this group is made up of everything from southern belles to Yankees to military brats with a Midwesterner thrown in just for good measure. But we’re pretty boring people… there has yet to be a single cat fight!! However, I do love it when as I am saying something I see one of the other gals start doing the “I’ve got something to say” squirm because I know that like it or not, I’m about to hear the truth y’all!

What it all boils down to is that. THE TRUTH. Seriously, how often do you have people speak the truth to you? When you mention a spat with your husband friends say things like “poor you” and “it will all work out.” But not these gals. Nope, they look you square in the eye and say “you realize you were wrong don’t you? Now what are you going to do about it?” There’s no protecting of feelings in this group because when we signed up earlier this year, we signed up for the truth. And good or bad, that’s just what we‘ve got!!

Leave a Message After the Beep


If you have known me longer than a week, you know I am not a fan of talking on the phone. Not sure why, but I would much rather text/email/write you a letter/send up smoke signals than have a conversation on the phone. Part of it is the fact that I just don’t hear well on the phone and part of it is I can’t stand it when people call and talk for an hour saying NOTHING AT ALL… just babbling!!  

I’ve noticed that this type of conversation usually happens when people are in the car and have nothing else to do, so to entertain themselves they call me. I know I should be flattered they feel like I have enough interesting stuff to say that I can make their trip pass effortlessly but I’m just not ready for that kind of pressure people! I mean what if I let them down? What if I fail to be interesting? What if I repeat one of my stories? Well, then my entire reputation is ruined and I’d have nothing left but my cats (no, I don’t have cats but that what I’d have to do … get cats!)

So if you need me, you can call me. But the chances of me answering are pretty slim… however, don’t worry… all you have to do is leave a message after the beep and I’ll text you right back! Just living the truth here people, just living the truth.

They’re Not Pants


I’m constantly amazed by the females in this world who think leggings are pants. Just to clear this up people, leggings are not pants. I’m not sure who told these ladies they are pants but they have been seriously misled! I’m perfectly fine for you to workout in these pants or even wear them in the privacy of your own home but at the grocery store? Really? I’m buying food…

Now there is no problem with wearing leggings if your top comes well below your read end. That is how leggings were intended to be worn (don’t argue with me, remember I had a very lucrative career in fashion design.) Long sweaters, tunics, butt-covering tops… yep, all good with leggings. But when you walk out of your house with a short top over your leggings, I have no choice but to assume that either you don’t have a mirror or you have no friends or you were accosted and your long shirt was stolen (stick ‘em up and give me your long top!) Not only do I not want to see every contour of your crotch but when you bend over to get the 24 pack of toilet paper and I can tell you are wearing a blue thong… Houston, there is a problem!!

Maybe it’s because I’m the mother of boys that I am more sensitive to this issue. Or it could because I want the girls in my Bible study to know that dressing modest is hottest. But what it really boils down to for me, is the realization that too many women just don’t have anyone in their life willing to tell them truth… so that leaves me. LADIES, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! Cover your bum and the world will thank you. Whew!! My job here is done…